Epilogue: The three heroes drop off the villains at the Police Department's HQ

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
Previous Chapter Pandora uses her Aphrodite Tantric Talent and awakes Drake of his trance

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The ebony amazon and the muscular man offered their hands to the fallen blonde voluptuousness, helping her to raise over her bare feet. Pandora smiled them in satisfaction because she could see the look of lust and admiration (even in Caterina´s eyes) on her partners in crime-fighting. Even, the busty stripper felt as her lover and her competitor for Drake´s 'attentions'  shivered slightly in excitation, trying to avoid peeking her ample, rounded bust. 

In fact, the veteran hero and the brave amazon realized that Pandora have saved the night, saving them of a live on sexual slavery under the boot and whip of Madame Madeleine...in fact,  the well-endowed, muscular man and the nubian, busty woman wouldn´t matter to be enslaved by that small, blonde bold woman. 

"Well boys...What now?".-Asked with frivolity Pandora, hiding the weakness and pain that went through her molested naked body. 

Then, police cars made their way into  the dimly alley, lightning up the stage with their blinding headlights. From the first car, a pair of agents, followed by a slim, tall, well-dressed, dark-haired woman,  get off the vehicle.

"Well, well, well. What the hell is going on here, bunch of freaks?"-Growled the middle aged woman, staring them over her glasses.-"A busty nude stripper, a former porn actor, also nude,  a tomboy, barely dressed amazon  and woman dressed in negligee in a dark alley!!!! What kind of dirty, immoral business have taking place here?".-Roared with authority Louise Palin,  the police high commissioner of Mega York.

"All of you are under arrest!!! By  offence to the, public scandal, immoraL activities, indecent exposure and...".-Yelled the woman, well known by her Puritanism and hate for  the vigilantes and freaks.

Drake Hunghorse were blushed and tried to cover his immense attributes with both hands, Miss Amazon  became furious and furious at every second, gabbed firmly her sheathed sword and bow, but desiring to use both of them against that rude woman. Somehow, Pandora kept calm and, though nude and bruised, pushed forward her magnificent bust and place her hands over her hips.

"Hi, Louise.  What´s up?. My friends and I were just making a...civilian arrest. This is Madame Madeleine. The sister and lieutenant of Mr Pimp which, I suppose, you have already arrested this very night. The reason why we were almost...well, barely...that´s right, totally nude is because...well. Is it really matter?".-Yelled with frivolity and rejoice Pandora throwing sensual glances to the policemen and bystanders that were beginning to crowd the alley. 

Commissioner Palin seemed to the point to explode as a nuke, her agents seemed on the point to explode in a collective orgasm at the view of the blonde and the ebony bombshells and the bystanders, behind of them, began to acclaim their nude heros.

"Well ,  'Pal'. The people have spoken. And now, if you don´t mind, we have to take a taxi....".-Said with subtle scorn Pandora, pushing her slightly with her 42HHH airbags on her way out of the alley, among the marveled, amazed crowd. Drake and Caterina followed her.


An hour later, Pandora, Caterina and Drake were into the Jacuzzi of the penthouse in which Pandora lived, totally relaxed, massaged by the bubbles and the hot water that caressed their bodies. It  was obvious for all of them that their minds were filled with the same lecherous thoughts about their partners.  In the case of Pandora, it was something different. The Aphrodite Tantric Talent that she had used to beat the trance of Madame Madeleine had a side effect. During a few   days,  Pandora would be horny as hell, unable to gain Lust-E. The busty heroine wouldn´t be powerful during a while but she was decided to make use of her overflowed lust. Even, she was decide to taste new experiences with a woman, with the extraordinary Caterina. Pandora wondered if the ebony amazon would be able to excited her in the same way she had turned on Drake on the alley

"Well Caterina.  We have a little problem. I know what you want but...I don´t share my men...".-Declared Pandora with a smile on her lips.

"Hey, hey, you can´t...".-Began to say Drake.

"Shut up, Drake. You have raped me...".-Replied Pandora, pushing him back to the rim of the jacuzzi.

"You are right, Pandora. Amazons neither share their men. We take them at any cost...".-Answered Caterina.

"Stop, ladies. There is Drake enough for all of you...".-Said Drake, trying to avoid the imminent fight between both women.

"Shut up Drake. This is a women affair.".-Replied harshly the ebony voluptuousness, pushing him back again against the rim.

"So, Do you want to fight, Caterina? Let´s fight then...".-Replied Pandora sensually, approaching to Caterina. 

In response, Caterina also approached to her, with a look of desire on her eyes.  The tanned boobs of Pandora crashed and crushed against the rival-in-size ebony knockers of Caterina. Then, at unison, they began to rub them vigorously each other.

"First to cum, loose and get drake first....".-Said Pandora, placing her hands over the rounded ebony shoulders of the amazon.

"Alright, Pandora. Prepare to lose....".-Replied the muscular, nubian Amazon, placing her huge hands on the tanned, slender shoulders of her smaller foe. 

During a minute, under the stunned, amazed eyes of Drake Hunghorse, both busty women challenged each other in the most incredible boob duel that he had ever seen. But a minute later, the boob duel become in pure, unleashed, frantic sex, when their voluptuous bodies intertwined in one in the middle of the jacuzzi. Then, Drake, unable to resist such a view, exploded in a double orgasm. He had lost.


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