Ariels song works its magic on triton and he cannot resist

by colleem
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
Characters Disney Princesses
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The former King looked at his beautiful daughter and smiled proud. Ariel on the other hand looked at him with an unknown fire in the eyes. After she had finished her song she looked at him and smiled.

“So Father. Do you want to kiss me?” she asked and her father nodded to her. 
“I want to kiss you my child” he answered and in front of all the citizen of his old Kingdom he gave his daughter a long kiss, but Ariel smiled at him after the Kiss.


“No Father. You want to kiss me like a woman! Not like you would kiss your daughter. Show me how good your tongue will fell in my mouth!” she said proudly and Triton came closer and laid his Arms around his daughter. His Lips came closer to Ariel’s and soon his Tongue entered her mouth. It felt strange to kiss his own child like this but an uncontrollable need to kiss her had rose in his mind. He wanted to show her how skilled he was. It took an eternity before they could get enough from their hot playing and Ariel´s sister looked at her. 


“You are such a bad ass” they laughed and looked around but Ariel hadn´t had enough of her father. His lips tasted so sweet and the feeling that she had controlling him was as sweet as blood. It was so immoral doing it that it was like fire in her brain. 

“So father. Did you listen to my song?” she asked him while she laid her arms around his body. 

 “How could I ever overheard such an angelic voice my daughter?” he asked her proud as she corrected him.

“It is your highness or Queen for you Father.” She said and he nodded eagerly. 

“You are right my Queen. I beg for mercy.” He smiled at her and she let her fingers ran over his chest.

“Maybe I will show mercy. But now… let me test you. In my song the Father tasted something delicious right? What was it?”

Triton smiled and looked in the deep blue eyes of his daughter. They were deeper than the deepest sea. “He tasted the nipples of the Queen your Highness.” He answered her lost in the eyes of his beloved child. There was something strange in the way she looked at him but he couldn’t tell what it was. “So father. Then bend down and kiss my tits!” she said and a rumor went to the folk but all of them watched fascinated what would happen. This would be a terrible act but somehow Ariel’s voice was just to charming to protest against any of her words. 

Triton on the other side was lost in her eyes and much closer to her voice than any other of his folk. Without hesitation he bend down a bit and begun to place soft kisses on Ariel’s tits. Had they ever been this great? And so soft? He liked it and with each kiss he felt himself enjoying it more. Ariel started to close her eyes as unknown feelings run through her young body. She felt her nipples hardening and like she enjoyed the lips of her father. 

“Yes father. This feels so good. And now. Undress me and look at my tits. Say me if they are the hottest thing you ever saw in your life!” she looked down at her father who just had his head between her big tits and was kissing both of them more eagerly. After she had spoken he reached behind her and opened her bra. His strong hands wandered to her shoulders and slowly he put her bra down. She now felt the eyes of so many of her followers on her giant tits and this made her even hornier. Her father looked at both of her big breasts and then he said proud and full of love. 

“My Queen Ariel. Never had I seen a woman with so beautiful breasts like yours. They are so big and full and the nipples looks so delicious like nothing I can remember.” She smiled and looked deep into his eyes. Deep within she still felt a small part of resistance against her will but it was so thrilling to trap him in his own body.

“So father. You said my song was like an angel…. Let me now moan like a devil. We both know that you cannot hold back anymore right? My Tits are just too hot for you. You want to suck on them and make me moan. Show me how horny I make my sweet little father!” she said almost whispering into his ears. Her voice washed over his body like a giant shockwave and washed his doubts away. He saw his daughter, the queen of his kingdom topless in front of him. Her hot tits free for everyone to watch. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He take her tits with both hands and his lips searched her hard nipples and as soon as he had reached them he started to suck on her hard nipples. Ariel was taken by surprise due to his aggressive attack and before she could say a word he started to suck on her sensitive nipples. Her eyes went wide as this new sensation hit her and her mouth let out a erotic moan. Her father started to play with her tits harder and started to bite into her hard nipple and play with them with his fingers. But most of all he sucked on her like he never had another purpose in life. He forgot about the people around them, even his other daughters were not important anymore. Ariel had been right. Nothing was sweeter than the taste of the Queens nipples and he would suck on them as long as he could. 

Ariel started to moan louder and louder and her demonic enchanted voice filled the mind of all the mermaids with a sexual need. Her sisters were the first that were affected and they started to sing songs of lust and sex. Their songs attracted the folk and the male ones gathered around the sex driven Sirens. Ariel didn’t cared. All she wanted that her father would never stop sucking on her.  

Little did she know how much lust he could gave her, 

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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