Back in the real world, Batman, Wonder Woman and Zatanna are now the prisoners of Circe

by Master_Kind
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Previous Chapter J'onn declines Ice's offer, and tries find a differant way to help them get out of their fantasies.

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Wonder Woman gasped in shock when she found herself in Circe's lair - not from the magical teleportation but rather from the sudden and unexpected nudity of herself, Zatanna and Batman. Her ruined bustier, tiara, bracelets and boots were gone, as was Bruce's Batman suit. Even Zatanna stood naked next to the fully clothed Circe and, worst of all, Diana's golden lariat was in Circe's hands and she was busy wrapping it around Zatanna's neck.

Large, magical manacles held Diana in place on her knees, arms behind her back, with one manacle in particular chained around her neck like a leash. She strained to break them and attack Circe, nudity be damned, but as she rose, she saw Bruce's restraints pull back hard forcing him down roughly onto a stone slab elevated above her - each of his limbs manacled as well. If she tried to pull any harder, she'd end up tearing her lover limb from limb.

Circe laughed.

"Ah, ah, ah - no flying off the handle. You'll pull your handsome lover to pieces if you try to escape."

"Damn you, Circe! You won't win! The League will find us!"

The sorceress rolled her eyes.

"I'd say that you're dreaming, Wonder Whore, just like your friends. I've employed Dr. Destiny to keep them occupied with carnal delights AND I found just the spell to take you to my private island safely - one that leaves all of your clothes behind and no trace of how to find us. But just in case you're right . . . "

Circe smiled.

"Zatanna, use your magic to make yourself into my adoring slave."

"No!" Batman growled, his bare face showing genuine rage as he shouted at his ex. "Zatanna, don't! Fight her!"

But it was too late! The force of the lasso around her neck sealed her fate. The dazed leggy, sorceress spat the words out without thinking.

"I, annataZ, ma s'ecriC gniroda evals."

There was a flash of light and Zatanna's face changed as she turned to face Circe. Her eyes welled up with a subservient awe and swooning love as she faced the purple haired witch.

"Mistress Circe, how may I serve you?" Zatanna asked as she knelt before her.

"Ha!" Circe cried. "This is perfect. I already had magic planned but this way I get to keep building my mystical battery of lust up until- ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself."

She motioned to Batman, cooing approvingly as she ran a hand up his leg towards his thick cock.

"My, my, Princess - I see why you fell for him. Such a strapping man . . ."

"Don't you touch him!" snarled Diana. "By Hera, I will-"

"Ugh!" Circe interrupted, rolling her eyes. "That self-righteous voice! Zatanna be a lamb and do something about that, won't you?"

"At once, Mistress Circe!"

Zatanna turned on her former teammate with a furious scowl.

"Amazon whore! You will speak only when spoken to by Mistress Circe!"

She then repeated herself, backwards.

"Zatanna, don't! You-"

Zatanna's magic took hold and Wonder Woman found her jaw snapping shut. She couldn't speak! She was stunned. Was Zatanna truly this powerful?

"Much better."

Batman glared at her.

"If you think you can break my mind with magic, you're wrong." he snarled, subtly trying to find a way to remove the manacles and failing.

Circe grinned.

"Your mind? Oh, no, I wouldn't dare. But your body . . . well, that's a different story."

She snapped her fingers.

"Slave Girl - make it so the Batman becomes instantly aroused in my presence. Also, his body cannot do anything but pleasure me unless I say otherwise."

Zatanna grinned and licked her lips while playing her her bare pussy. Bruce tried to brace himself but when Zatanna spoke backwards, he found his dick rock hard and his body straining to touch Circe - all against his will.

Circe smiled.

"Oh, my! Now that's what I call a massive cock. Seems a shame to let that go to waste."

She winked at Diana as she slid out of her green tunic to expose her naked body. She moved torturously slowly, sliding up the dais to rub her hands all over Batman's body. His body reacted as if he was insane with need, his hands and chest bucking under her touch, even as the lustful movements didn't match his eyes. With a hearty laugh, she took his cock in one hand and stared back at Diana.

"I can't imagine how much seeing me fuck your beloved in front of you is going to hurt you, Princess. Maybe if you beg me, I'll stop."

Diana found her jaw able to open again.

"I'll never beg you for anything Circe! I'd rather die than be a part of your sick farce! And so would he!"

Circe chuckled as she languidly began stroking Batman's thick, erect member making him moan involuntarily.

"Oh, but Diana - I wouldn't have had this much power if your lust for this man hadn't given me the idea in the first place!"

"What?" Diana asked, stunned. "What are you talking about?"

Circe laughed as she abruptly turned her hips around and sat on Batman's face without pretense. She gasped in delight as he began eating her out eagerly, his tongue licking her pussy like a starving cat with cream.

"Oh, Princess - you never were all that bright were you? Suddenly, you lust after a man and all your bitch sisters start going into heat at the same time? Did you think it was a coincidence?"

"You. You did this!"

"Of course! I perverted a spell of the gods, one that poor, simpering Aphrodite meant well by casting - hoping to make you humorless harpies happier by making you give into love. I just changed love to . . . mmm, lust!"

Circe shuddered with delight as Batman ate her out.

"Ohhh, he is TALENTED! And I've been getting stronger and stronger ever since! Piggybacking onto the spell has meant that the more sex all of you have, the stronger my magic becomes. When Dr. Destiny succeeds, I'll have enough power to take on the gods themselves with my army of lustful Justice Leaguers!"

"Lies!" Diana hissed, forcing herself to try and ignore what Circe was making her lover do to her. "Even you don't have the power to take on the gods! What you say is impossible!"

"Impossible? Bah! You idiot bitch! You've not met my most valuable ally AND you know nothing of magic- oh, that gives me a lovely idea! Zatanna?"

Zatanna whimpered as she'd started playing with herself the moment Circe got undressed. She looked up a bit guiltily. 

"Yes, Mistress?"

"Make the precious Princess into a - what's the word for a horny idiot you mortals use?"

"A bimbo, mistress?"

"Yes, that's it! A bimbo!"

Diana sneered smugly at her.

"Zatanna's magic will not change me, Circe! Not with the protection of Athena!"

Circe laughed.

"You're wrong, Princess - get used to that feeling. A "bimbo" like you will feel that way all the time."

Zatanna smiled evilly.

"!obmib a otin namoW rednoW nruT"

Diana did not think the spell would work and she sneered in defiance at Circe . . . right until she felt her head get fuzzy and her pussy get hot. She shook her head violently but it was so hard to think suddenly! And, gods, was she horny! It took all of her willpower not to slide a hand down between her legs and take care of her throbbing pussy.

"What? No, you, like, can't, ummmmm- ooh! This isn't, uhh- like, how'd you do this?"

Circe laughed and laughed, her big tits jiggling as she rocked back and forth on Bruce Wayne's face.

"Delightful! Slave, you may suck on my tits now."

Zatanna squealed with delight.

"Thank you, Mistress!" she gasped before bending down to suck on Circe's big boobs.

"How? How did I make your heroes into lustful rogues? How do I have the magic to corrupt you? Why, to corrupt a spell of the gods, Wonder Whore - the answer is obvious. I needed the help of one!"

She gestured theatrically to her left and an imposing 7-foot man in armor appeared, his eyes red and lustful. 

"Ares, I think she's ready for you now, don't you?"

The God of War chuckled.

"More than ready, Circe. Hello, Diana of Themyscira . . ."

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