Kelly tags in

by SailorAirman
Storyline Extreme Enforcers
Characters Brooke Adams Balls Mahoney Layla Kelly Kelly The Miz
Category Female Dom Body Modification Muscle Growth Growth Celebrities wrestling
Previous Chapter The Miz announces a transformed Brooke as his partner

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Kelly stared at Balls’ hand for a long while as the crowd urged her not to do it but then she tagged in. Just as Kelly tagged in Balls got to his feet and shoved Brooke away while Kelly got into the ring.

He turned around to tell Kelly to get out but Kelly just dropped to her knees and hit Balls with a low blow sending him crumpling to the ground. She then looked at Brooke who had a shocked expression on her face and then the two divas both grinned. As the crowd watched in disbelief Kelly suddenly began to grow before their very eyes transforming into a blonde version of Brooke. The golden ring gear was barely able to contain her enlarged chest, and her shorts had been forced up so much they were now basically bikini bottoms.

Kelly dragged Mahoney over to the ropes and pushed him to the other side and then tagged herself out again. She then pulled him up and gave him a suplex over the ropes.

The two women then worked together to drag the nearly 300 lbs. Mahoney to his feet once again and they delivered a vertical suplex where they held him in the air over their heads for a good minute. Brooke then pinned the seemingly comatose Mahoney.

Both the Miz and Layla got in the ring to celebrate the victory as Brooke and Kelly posed over top of the prone Mahoney. Miz then grabbed a microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Miz said. “Tonight you have borne witness to a new Era in wrestling. ECW has always stood for Extreme Championship Wrestling, but tonight extreme has been taken to a new level. Gone is the Extreme Expose, and in its place are the Extreme Enforcers, Kelly, Brooke and let’s not forget our third member, Layla.”

On cue Layla stepped forward and just as Kelly had minutes early she began growing till she was the same size as both Brooke and Kelly. Brooke and Kelly then picked Balls Mahoney up and shoved him towards Layla who grabbed him in a powerbomb position. The three women then gave Mahoney a thunderous triple powerbomb which shook the ring.

Miz then handed the microphone off to Kelly, who stood over top of the unconscious Mahoney.

“It’s kind of funny that throughout that entire match you thought you were protecting me,” Kelly said. “But in the end in the end it was you that needed protection from me.”

She then gave the microphone to Brooke.

“We may have entered this company as models and dancers,” Brooke said. “And we may have come together as a dance group, but under the Miz’s guidance we’ve become not just the best female wrestlers in the world, we’ve become a force that can compete with the men.”

“In fact we’re going to prove it tonight,” Layla said as she got the microphone. “Kelly and I are entering the tournament to determine the new ECW Tag Team Champions.”

“But that’s not all,” Miz said. “Brooke will represent the Extreme Enforcers in the number one contender tournament for the ECW Heavyweight Championship.”

They then left the ring as EMTs and referees attended to Balls Mahoney who had to be carted out on a stretcher and taken to hospital. Backstage the four of them were stopped by recently resigned backstage reporter Rebecca DiPietro.

“Miz, there are a lot of questions right now about just what your role is with Extreme Expose,” Rebecca said.

“Uh, it’s Extreme Enforcers now,” Kelly interrupted.

“Sorry,” Rebecca apologized. “Anyway fans are curious as to just how you turned Extreme Expose into the Extreme Enforcers.”

“Well that’s a little trade secret of mine,” Miz said. “And not one that I intend to share anytime soon.”

“Okay, but what about yourself, don’t you wish to be ECW Champion?” Rebecca asked.

“Sure I would like to be the Champion,” Miz answered. “But I know these girls and I know their potential. And what you saw out there with Balls Mahoney, that’s nothing to what they will be able to do down the road.”

“What do you mean?” Rebecca asked.

“What he means is that we’re only going to keep getting bigger and better,” Brooke sneered. “Till there isn’t a man in the company that can compete with us.”

“I’m just taking the smart business approach here,” Miz added with a smirk as they walked away.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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