The person is Wonder Woman (undercover)

by moose141
Storyline Superman, Porn Star and More
Characters Lois Lane Wonder Woman
Category Bimboization Body Modification Corruption drug Mind Control
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Diana Prince tried to hide her disgust at the open debauchery going on in the club.  "Focus, you need to figure out why Superman visited here."  She thought to herself.  While flying her invisible jet she had seen Superman leaving from this place carrying a suitcase and flying oddly.  Is she hadn't known better Wonder Woman would have sworn he was drunk.  Something didn't seem right about it, and when she saw several prominent men and women enter the club but never come out, she decided to investigate.

"Nothing from any online searches, or from my contacts in law enforcement.  This is a very upscale gentlemen's club, and has never had any problems at all."  She thought to herself.

Wonder Woman had decided that she should try in her mortal form and see if she could see anything.  She had been let in with no issues, but didn't know that her ID had tripped the database Mr. Hanson had kept on Government agents. 

As Diana Prince walked over to the bar, Lacy watched from above.

"She is an agent you say?"  Queen Lacy asked Steven her daytime manager.

"Yes your highness, Mr. Hanson had a database set up that would trip any time an agent of any type showed up at the door.  It made sure we always knew who was keeping tabs on us."   Steven answered.

"I think it is time we tested our new crystal Trash candies.  Have one of the girls pretend to have something she might be interested in and get her into a private area."  Lacy said as she smiled down at Diana.  "She is a nice looking girl.  I think she will be a fine addition to my ladies."

Diana had moved to the bar and was drinking a water.  She had told the bartender she was looking for her brother, who had gotten into a fight with his wife and had gotten drunk and stormed off "to find a real woman".

She was surveying the crowd when she was bumped by one of the dancers.  "Oops, sorry about that miss!  Here let me clean that up."  The dancer had spilled some liquid on Diana's top and leaned in to dab it off with a napkin.  Diana started to shoo her away when the dancer whispered "VIP Room 4, down the hall, I need to tell you something!"  and then rushed off.

Diana watcher her go, and after waiting a few minutes followed along.  She ducked down a hallway and quickly found a door with a 4 on it.

She went inside and found another stripper sitting there.  "Hi, I'm Mai.  Thank you for coming!  Me no have much time so me be quick.  There is something strange going on at club.  I heard boss talken bout yo, said you government agent and to make sure she not see special dancers!  You need to leave and bring help!"  Mai said with obvious urgency.

"Hold on, what special dancers?  Why do you think I'm an agent?"  Diana sat down next to the Japanese dancer who was becoming agitated.

"NO TIME!  You need to hurry and go!"  Mai said starting to get worked up.

"Calm down."  Diana looked around and saw a tray of hard rock candies on the table.  It didn't occur to her how odd it was to have that in a strip club, so she grabbed one and held it up to Mai.  "Here, have one of these and calm down."

Mai looked at the candy and then reached in and grabbed a black one and popped it in her mouth.  She then offered one to Diana with a pleading, nervous look.  Diana took the pink colored candy from her and put it in her mouth.

"As I was saying, you need to calm down.  I can, wow good candy.  Ahem, I can, (suck), mmmmm, can, (suck) Wow that is a great candy!  Sorry, I, damn that is sweet."  Diana sucked on the pink candy and felt it melt in her mouth.  It was an intense flavor and it was making her head swim.  She kept trying to concentrate, but the sweetness and sharpness of the candy kept her off focus.

"Yeah, great candy!  Mai wike it wots.  You wike it too!  Keep sucking on it and you not worry anymore bout anyting!"  Mai said as she drew closer and smiled.

"(giggle) Like, totally, this is, like, sooooooooo cool.  Diana like!  Diana like lots!"  Diana babbled and giggled back at Mai.  "Ohhhhhhh, Diana's titties are getting bigger!"

"No, Diana always had big titties.  Diana always have pink hair too!"  Mai said as she  unbuttoned Diana's blouse and let her now larger knockers swing free.

"I, like, have?  Silly me, Diana, like totally forgot!  Diana is such a ditz!"  The now long haired, pink dyed beauty cooed as she massaged her 44 DD tits and started to shed her clothing. Diana couldn't understand why she was wearing such plain and unsexy clothes.  G String, bikini tops, tube dresses, and 6 inch heels were what she liked to wear.  It's what all sluts like her and her best buddy Mai wore.

Just then an incredible looking woman strode into the room.  Diana looked at her in awe.  She was simply the most intensely sexual being she had ever seen.  She felt horny just looking at her.  She started to finger her pussy and slide onto her knees on the floor in front of this goddess.

"Ah, you know your place already Diana.  Very good.  I am Queen Lacy, your master and owner.  I have chosen you to join us here at my club.  Rise so I can permanently make you mine."  Lacy said as she extended her hand.

Diana took it and rose with a look of bliss on her face.  "Yes, your highness.  Like, make me your bimbo slut.  I will dance for you, fuck for you, anything for you.  I am your slave forever."  Diana said as she leaned forward to kiss Lacy.

"Yes, you will.  Now hush."  Lacy kissed her and wrapped a length of pink hair around the little bimbo's neck.

After a minute, Lacy broke the kiss and stared at Diana wide-eyes.  "My God, you are Wonder Woman!  What luck!  Mai, bring me some of the pink crystal liquid, now!"  Mai bowed and rushed off and Lacy went back to kissing Diana and draining her of all her knowledge and memories.  When Mai returned.  Lacy injected Pink Trash into Diana on top of the kissing and remolding. 

"My dear Diana, spin for me, become Wonder Woman."  Lacy commanded.  Diana obeyed.

There was a flash and Wonder Woman stood before Queen Lacy.  Lacy smiled.  It was Wonder Woman, but with pink hair, bigger tits, and the face of a giggling bimbo with not two brain cells to rub together.

"Wonder Woman, come here."  Lacy kissed her again, and made some more changes inside Wonder Woman's drugged and blissful and now very empty head.

"There, you are now Wonder Whore.  You are a stripper, hooker, and will make porns for your queen.  You will also act as my bodyguard and lover as needed.  Do you have any questions of your queen?"  Lacy asked the pinked headed superbimbo standing in front of her.

"Like, no, your highness.  Wondie is like totally ready to fuck or dance or like whatever Queen Lacy wants!"  Wonder Whore replied with a empty headed smile as she flexed her bare chest forward to showcase her enormous rack.

"Very good, Wondie."  Lacy replied with a smile.

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