Madame Madeleine use her powers and beat Pandora

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
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Both women stared each other defiant in gaze duel during long seconds. None of them put aside their eyes of the eyes of her opponent.  Soon, Pandora realized about her powerful will, self-confident and determination…Beating Madame Madeleine wouldn´t be so easy to defeat as her brother.

 “Come on, Pandora. I am waiting for you. Kick my ass…if you dare.”.-Challenged Madeleine, staring her with her deep green eyes. Pandora didn´t replied, trying to evaluate that strange curly, red-haired woman dressed in that provocative negligee. The nude, busty heroine had never heard about her or her abilities. Somehow, Mr Pimp´s sister was surrounded by an aura of power that Pandora hadn’t felt with the midget. And worse. She had been able to hypnotize Drake really fast. She should be careful, at least till she learned the real capacities of Madame Madeleine

“Ah. You fear me Pandora. I can see you in your eyes…as I can read your soul through them….your weaknesses…your most inner, secret desires and passions.  You can seduce, fuck and submit every man you want, leading them to experience an overwhelming ecstasy. Somehow, the man can´t seduce or submit you…he can only fuck you under your own conditions.”.-Declared Madeleine with satin voice. 

“Are you trying to beat me with a boring chitchat, Madeleine? Free Drake and I won´t hurt you….much”.-Replied Pandora, trying to gain time.  Somehow, the slender woman dressed-in-black negligee ignored her.-“You yearn to be dominated by one of the uncountable men you fuck….being really seduced by them…became in a docile puppet at his hands…melting you in pleasure under his caress, kisses and cock…”.-Continued Madeleine, whose voice became more seductive at every second..”But their cocks will not give you what you longing. Seduction and pleasure are more that long cocks and big breasts….Your friend have discovered this fact at my hands. Now, His mind, his body, his soul…his cocks…is experienced again the real, unique pleasure that I am only able to give him”.-Smiled sweetly Madeleine.-“A pleasure that I can also give you…Feel my long fingers sliding along your satin skin…feel my fleshy lips kissing your pussy…feel my hard nipples pouring my sweet milk into your mouth….Experience a pleasure beyond the tantric sex…beyond Kamasutra´s teachings…Madame Madeleine is at your service to dominate you. Say the word and I will submit you to my desires to lead to unimaginable summits of bliss…”.-Declared sensually Madeleine, trapping Pandora with her silken, almost hypnotic voice.

“I…I don´t think so…Madeleine. I…I don´t…I don´t fuck with women….and neither with bitches like you….”.-Said Pandora, trying so sound proud and confident. Somehow, a slight tone of doubt was on her voice. And worse.  The voluptuous, blonde, nude vigilante felt as the huge nipples of her enormous, firmly rounded 42HHH jugs became erected and hard while an uncomfortable moist began to appear into her vagina. With her soft, sweet voice, Madame Madeleine was turning her on…something that Mr Pimp´s infamous glance hadn´t got a few minutes before. In seconds, the bliss that became to go through Pandora´s ballerina body would begin to drain the Lust-E of her magnificent mounds of flesh, leaving her as strong as an ordinary busty striper.

Madame Madeleine began to approach to her slowly, as a cougar but Pandora didn´t move an inch. The exuberant heroine felt hesitant, undecided about what to do next.  Those words about her inner desires had filled her soul in confusion.  Was her promiscuity an unconscious way to find someone able to submit her? And, Was she really wanted to be submitted?.  In the uncountable sexual relationships that Pandora had got during her adult life (or even during her adolescence), she had looked for the dominance, the preeminence over her partner…Her slender body, her breasts implants, her trained sensuality,  poses and dances, her sweet voice, her frivolity and finally, the gift of Aphrodite…all these attributes had been a way to attract and submit men to her caprices, to get an entertainment of them, to get the supreme pleasure that an orgasm caused on her.  Had become that experience in a boring habit? In fact, her last conquest, Drake HungHorse, that man with two massive cocks, had been easy. A bit of exhibitionism and sensuality and he had fallen under her charms, but Pandora also knew that soon, even she would be bored about him, becoming simply in an occasional fuck-friend. Was her decision to become in a vigilante a way to find someone able to dominate her…a way to find a new experience...a way to impulse her libido to new summits? The voluptuous heroine had never interested to get women as lovers. All her tricks were supposed to seduce men. But the soft, sensual words and charm of Madame Madeleine, promising her an unbearable, unknown bliss for her, had making her horny.  Be dominated could excite her more than be dominant? Could that woman make that? Was she really so frivolous to live only for the next dose of sex or it was an insidious trick of Madeleine to defeat a annoying woman to her own business?. 

 While Pandora fought against such a confused thought and the growing excitation of her body, Madame Madeleine, still staring hypnotically Pandora´s eyes, was so close to her that their bodies were at one inch each other. 

“Admit it, Pandora. You want my lips kissing your lips…you want my breasts rubbing your breasts…You want to mix the juices from our cunts…Say the word and your desires will come true. Submit to my body and the gates of a primal, wild bliss will open to you…”.-Whispered sensually Madeleine.        Pandora couldn’t remove the images of Madeleine fucking her of her mind.  The words of Madame Madeleine had pierced her will indefectibly, starting to fuck her even without touching her physically. As Pandora, Madame Madeleine had developed her own seduction tricks, but that former psychologist, had oriented her skills to stimulate the minds of her lovers, not only his animal instincts. She comprehended that, in the human sexuality, the physical attraction was only a side of seduction. The psychological attraction, the promise of a high bliss on their minds stimulated even more the physical interest…with the collateral effect that weakened the will of the victim, enslaving it to the irrational desire. Finally, Madeleine had been able to melt and mold the rational minds of her victims to her will. Pandora´s will wasn´t prepared for that, accustomed to direct or violent actions, not against subtle tricks. Pandora and Madeleine were professionals on the art of seduction but, it was clear that the raw techniques of Pandora were inferior to the refine arts of Madeleine. 

 Wiggling her body as mercury, Madame Madeleine began to dance around Pandora, always at one inch of her body, heaving in pleasure. Pandora´s blue eyes followed the sensual erotism of that dance, her silky nude skin felt the warm breathe of Madeleine as a physical caress and began to breathe with the erotic rhythm of her. The control of Madeleine over the busty vigilante was complete. 

“N….Nnnn….nnoooo….ooooohhhh……You……oooohhhh….”.-Protested Pandora among pants of pleasure.-“Yes, Pandora…You want…..Say the words…..Say my name….submit to me...”.-Replied Madeleine under control, transforming her moans in screeches of bliss.-“Oooohhh…..ooooohhhh. Noooo…never….aaaaahhhhh….ooooohhhh….”.-Screeched in response Pandora, whose body shivered out control, whose thighs began to stain with the streams of cum that slid down from her moist crotch, whose nipples were stiffened as thumbs, depowering her  body.

Somehow, to the surprise of Madeleine, Pandora, horny as hell, at the rim of an unbearable ecstasy, didn´t said the words. In a minute, the cocks of the stud HungHorse had began to spit  cum as hoses under her seduction arts, submitting his will to Madeleine. But, after three minutes, Pandora hadn´t surrendered to her. She was at her mercy, but not submitted to her will. Madeleine knew that a slight caress could unleash a scorching orgasm on her, rendering her at her feet completely defenseless.  But the prides of Madame Madeleine couldn´t accept that. She was an expertise inducing her orgasm with her own voice, attacking her minds. She had never needed to touch her victims to that. That was masturbating them. That was easy...that was what Pandora and their kind made with their bodies and Madeleine wanted a victory not only of her over the heroine, something that she considered had already got, but also a victory of her techniques….a complete, utter triumph of her and a humbling defeat for that nude, big busty stripper.

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