Later that night, Wonder Woman experiences a very vivid, sensual dream featuring a young woman with strawberry blonde hair.

Storyline The Sand Queen
Characters Wonder Woman
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Wonder Woman grunted when she felt the hand of a man shaking her gently.-"Wonder Woman...are you OK?".-Asked the security guard with a note of worry on his voice. Diana controlled the need to yawn that she felt.-"I...I am right. but...but where is the girl?...where....where is the Sand Queen?".-Asked the amazon.-"A girl? The Sand Queen? What are you talking about?.".-Said in surprise the guard.-"I didn´t see nobody but you, snoring on the floor...and that opened showcases.".-Declared the guard.-"But you....I found you...and the girl....".-Said confused Wonder Woman, getting over her feet.-"I...I have to found her...".-Said the amazon, jumping to the night sky. Later, she would explain to the police the reason why she was on that jewelry but first, she had to chase that girl...the Sand Queen. 


After a few hours of interrogation, police had verified her declaration, with the security cameras. Staring the film, Wonder Woman felt her pride wounded. How easily that girl had put to sleep, literally an expert warrioress as her!!! But  Diana rejected though thoughts. At the end, she would catch her. Returning to her loft, Diana, took a long hot water bath. She needed to relax her a bit. After that, she would accesed the file from the JLA database and would try to find any reference about former Sand Queens or dusts able to put to sleep.    

   Feeling as the water cleaned her satin skin and relaxed her athletic voluptuous body, Diana closed her eyes a moment but, immediately, she opened them...She had heard a sound  from her bedroom. On silence, the amazon left the bath tub and nude, made her way to the room.  There were nobody  in it and the windows seemed closed. Suddenly, her heard a feminine voice behind her.-"I live your loft. It is so ample and homelike..."

.Diana turned back to the voice.-"Sand Queen!!!! What are you doing here?".-Yelled in surprise the nude amazon.-"And how is it possible that I have been unable to hear you behind me?".-Thought the heroine.    The girl, dressed in her pajamas, just smiled as answer, glancing her with a gently look of desire and admiration on her eyes. Wonder Woman felt inconvenienced but tried to not show it.-"Well. Never mind, little girl. You tricked me once but you will not put me to sleep twice....".-Roared Wonder Woman, ready to fight that petite girl, which smiled again.-"But Diana. You don´t want to fight with me...I am sure of it....".-Whispered the Sand Queen.-"So. What is what I want, little brat?".-Replied Wonder Woman with scorn.  

     Then in the blink of an eye, Wonder Woman was stood on her bare feet it the middle of the Goods Overlook in Themyscira, staring the dusk over the ocean.-"What the...".-Muttered Diana.-"Maybe something like that....".-Whispered the Sand Queen behind them, cupping her rounded breasts with her small hands caressing them gently.-"No..no....".-Said the amazon, grabbing her wrists in a vain attempt to remove those hands of her voluptuous bust. Somehow, Diana only got to guide them along them, which began to turned on...."Or maybe something like this...".

In a blink on an eye, Diana was sat on the throne of her mother with her legs wide opened. Between her legs, the Sand Queen, totally nude, had sunk her face deep on the groins of the amazon, and she was licking eagerly her crotch.-"No...no...no...oooohhh....ahhhhh".-Protested Diana, feeling as the proximity of an orgasm began to shiver her body. One more time, Diana tried to push away her but in vain. The amazon closed her eyes trying to control the imminent orgasm.-"Or maybe something like this....".-Whispered again the Sand Queen.    

Diana opened her eyes just to discover that she was lying on her own bed with the petite girl, still nude, over her. Amazingly, the Sand Queen was grabbing firmly her own wrist over her head, pinning her arms on the bed. Smiling lecherously, the girl began to rub her nipples against the already erected nipples and rub vigorously  her crotch against the moist cunt of Wonder Woman, which heaved and panted in pleasure, unable to control the orgasm that, seconds later, hit shivered her body.-"What...what are...what are you making this....why...Sand Queen....?".-Asked in shame Diana, which she had never felt so defenceless and humbled on her life. The Sand Queen smiled gently.-"Me? Wonder Woman? I haven´t made anything with you....This is what your soul desire......because it is your dream.....".Then, Diana awoke startled , still into the bath.

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