Well Im back in Gotham City!

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Leather, Latex with Rock and Roll
Characters Batman Catwoman
Category M/F
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It had been a long two weeks, and Selina Kyle (AKA Catwoman) was glad to be back in civilization.  Some things seemed out of place when she got back to Gotham though.  Nigma had written her an email about a week ago saying the Bats were acting weird.  There was nothing more since then.  Seems he was in traction after the Bats ran him off the road during a get away attempt.  Selina decided to start how she normally started with a warm up in the diamond district.

The purple catsuit was still her favorite.  And since her Jaguar needed new tires, and Black Streetfighter bike needed to have a leak fixed she went out in the Purple and Black on the purple and black BMW sports bike.  The place was a new firm, they claimed to specialize in canary diamonds.  Meow was all Selina had to say.  Security was no joke, but she was no smash and grab punk.  She didn't hear anything but she could feel him.  He was watching her.

"Hay stud, be with you in a minute," Selina said in a sassy tone, "Got to be just right with the pressure trigger here or we will have way too many wheels for this date."

She was expecting a speech about right, wrong, and the law.  SLAP!  She was not expecting the Bat to spank her!

"Listen, if you want to fuck drop the stones and lets go to a safe house," Batman said in casual tone, "If you want to fight keep going."

She must have hit her head or something, this was not how Batman played.  Catwoman dropped what she was doing and backed out of the manager's safe.  There was Batman but he was in skintight black latex with armor plates molded into the sheets of rubber.  And instead of the blue man panties she remembered there was a leather cod piece. 

"My honeymoon suit is in the subbasement of the Calico Furniture shop five blocks south of here!" Catwoman said eagerly.

Both of them rushed out of their as fast as they could without setting off the alarms.  In the alley behind the diamond firm Bats had a weird pod like motorcycle instead of the normal car and Selina got her bike.  Racing like demons throw Gotham's back alleys they made it back to the Catlair.  Honeymoon might have been a stretch but Selina doubted that Bats would come back here if she called the Siberian Tiger Dungeon.  Getting down stairs she was surprised when Bats grabbed a riding crop and tested it out on his thigh smiling with approval.

"So this is where you were planning on turning me into your cat slave after kidnaping me," Batman observed, "I like to stocks built into the headboard of the bed."

"So what are we doing here?" Selina asked unsure of the changes in Batman.

"Consensual protected sex," Batman said flatly, "Maybe some pegging later if you want.  I'm sure you have a different outfit you want to change into first."

"Meow" Catwoman said as she dissappered into her walk in closet.

When she returned she felt much sexier and had Batman laying on her bed, no cape, no cod piece and a big black latex covered dick standing straight in the air!  Catwoman pounced, spreading her legs and dropping right on cowgirl style.  Their release didn't take long, and after years of tension they both exploded together.  Selina turned on the radio as she cuddled her catnip who made no attempt to remove himself from her.  A metal song started to play and Selina went to change it.

"Leave it," Batman said.

"It's evil," Selina countered.

"It's metal not evil," Batman insisted. 

"You see this scar?" Selina lifted her arm showing the burned impression of an amulet, "I got it when I was a kid, Pendent in a fire, hospital, all bad memories.  But years later a gypsy told me that it protected me from magic, and I would know magic because it itched."

"Sounds like bullshit."

"Yeah? Every time Circes or one of them tries to zap me, it itches and I am fine," Selina noted, "And right now it is itching like crazy!"

Selina got off Batman and took off the latex opera gloves and stalkings and put on robe over her naked torso.

"When did you ditch the Car?" Selina asked.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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