Batman and Wonder Woman make love surrounded by an audience of curious Amazons

by BatPimp
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Batman Wonder Woman
Category DC M/F Romance
Previous Chapter Batman lands on the shores of Themyscira...

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As their princess flew away to the palace with her Dark Knight, a number of Amazons followed them. Among them were those who also wanted to enjoy the Batman's lovemaking skills, though they knew it would take some time before Bruce and Diana were done.

Others were slightly concerned for the princess. Having only known cruel and blood-thirsty men they didn't believe that this one could be any different and they wanted to make sure he wouldn't hurt their sister. The rest were simply curious for various different reasons.

As they entered the palace and came closer to Diana's room, their enhanced hearing started picking up sounds of carnal delight. While some Amazons stayed at the bedroom's door listening to what was happening on the other side, most of them made their way to Diana's veranda through the queen's quarters to take a peek at the couple. Those who had never seen his face before were surprised by his handsome features.

They weren't disappointed. Diana was sitting in Bruce's lap facing him while she rode his fingers. She moaned and gasped every time they moved in and out of her wet snatch his other hand massaging her ass.

Meanwhile Bruce was enjoying the erotic display in front of him. He was alternating his eyes' attention between her flushed face and her bouncing chest. He admired the intensity in her eyes. She was looking at him with adoration and an open-mouthed smile.

He gazed at the beads of sweat forming on her forehead that started a trail down her face following a path down her neck finally losing themselves inside her cleavage. He bowed his head and licked her between her breasts to taste the salty pearls trapped there. He proceeded with coating her chest in saliva running his tongue over her ample mounds.

He turned his attention to her pink nipples taking her right one in his mouth and hungrily sucking on it. Their delicious light crimson color contrasted hypnotically with her bronze tanned skin. He switched to her left nipple but instead of sucking on it he gently bit on it eliciting a gasp from her ruby red lips.

As he started nibbling on her delicious nipple she surprised him with a healthy giggle. "Oh Bruce," she moaned when he added the tip of his tongue to his teasing, "tell me" - another gasp - "why" - she rode his hand faster - "are all men" - again a loud moan - "obsessed with big breasts," she laughed at his mischievous grin.

"Well," he rasped and kissed her deeply making her moan into his mouth, "one reason is that we don't have them." He kissed her again and while they were tasting each other he surprised her by pressing his thumb on her clitoris. "Another reason is that they make a great pillow" - he looked at her chest then back at her face - "well, pillows," he finished.

But she wasn't listening anymore. His assault on her womanhood made her pant heavily, eyes wide open in pleasurable shock. The curse had denied her release while she was pleasuring her sisters. Now she was finally able to reach the peak of her pleasure.

"Oh Bruce," she was unconsciously putting on a show for him with her hands above her head pulling on her hair. "I can't hold it anymore," she pleaded shaking her head violently from right to left.

"Let it go, Princess," he growled driving his fingers deeply in and out of her moist core. "Come for me, Diana. I want to see you come for me."

He felt her inner walls tightening on his fingers just before she cried out in release. "Bruuuce," she wailed out surprising their audience while drenching his hand and his lap in her cunt juices. The Amazons peeping at them had various expressions plastered on their faces ranging from embarrassment and surprise to envy and lustful anticipation.

Those who were waiting for their turn with the Dark Knight had their hands lost between their thighs trying but failing to reach their own climax.

Not letting her any time to come off her high Bruce lifted the still shuddering Diana by her hips and positioned her just above his erection. She moaned with closed eyes as he poked at her leaking pussy with the head of his cock. He kissed her deeply and tugged at her lower lip to drive her attention back at him. She opened her eyes and looked at him silently asking for entrance.

She answered him by lowering herself slowly but steadily onto his manhood gasping loudly and wincing slightly when his whole length was buried inside her. Tensing and the mixed sensation at pain and pleasure she lowered her in the crook of his neck letting her hair spill over her face and his back.

Bruce and Diana were hugging tightly while they waited for her to adjust to this new sensation. He rubbed her back brushing his fingers through her soft silky hair to help her through the pain. The other Amazons watched with rapt fascination at the display of affection.

Bruce gasped lightly as he felt Diana's warm and wet lips sucking at his neck. She started to rock tentatively in his lap moaning faintly. He joined her in her swaying motion. She finally lifted her head from his shoulder when she started bouncing faster, but her hair still covered her face.

He tugged her locks behind her ears and uncovered her watery eyes. He kissed away her tears and locked lips with her. She moaned loudly into his mouth as she started bouncing in his lap driving his erection in and out of her tight pussy.

They moaned and groaned in concert his scars scratching her nipples as they rubbed their chests together. She filled herself with his cock over and over as her pussy slurped on its length.

"Uuuh," she wailed bucking harder against him. He guided her with his hands on her rump to thrust deeper inside her. "Oh Bruce, I'm coming again."

"I can't" - gasp - "hold on" - growl - "much longer either."

"Oooh! Bruuuce!" She cried out. "Come inside" - gasp - "come inside me please."

He pumped his rock hard cock in and out of her juicy wet cunt with long powerful thrust driving screams of carnal delight out of her lips. "Yeees!" she wailed as he inner walls clenched on his length. "Aaaaah!" She writhed in his embrace as she squirted all over his probing hot rod. "Bruuuce!" Her tight wet pussy was milking him for his release as he pumped through her climax.

He shifted their position pinning her on her back, pressing his body all over hers. She arched her back and locked her legs around his hips so that he could drive his erection even deeper inside her. He was hitting her uterus with every thrust through her slurping snatch.

"Oooooh, sweeet Aphrodite, I'm coming again!" she cried as he pussy clenched once more on his length. "Diana!" he growled when he finally released his seed inside her. They shuddered and moaned together in delight at every strand of cum he pumped inside her while her juices leaked out over his crotch.

Bruce and Diana exchanged ravenous kisses while they enjoyed the aftermath of their shared climax. She whimpered when he unsheathed his now limp member from her core and lifted himself from her embrace, but soon sighed contentedly as he laid next to her on the bed and draped her body over his own, her hair covering them like a soft dark blanket.

They quickly fell asleep under the amazed stares of the peeping Amazons.

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