Help out Steph

by Evva
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Batgirl II (Casandra Cain) Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Robin Catwoman
Category F/F M/F F/F DC Romance
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Tim loaded up Stephanie's profile on screen. After studying it carefully the young hero slumped back in his chair, huffing at the sheer injustice of what he had just read. 

The girl's life was just one big train wreck. A money obsessed supervillain for a father, whom inevitably become a resident of Arkham Asylum. A mother who's only advice for Stephanie after learning of her pregnancy was to abort the child. And that whole sorry affair had led Stephanie into Tim's arms and eventually into the Bat-clan. Tim knew exactly where that had led her at first and thinking about it still brought a tear to his eyes. Her apparent death had been devastating for him, but he now knew it was nothing compared to what Stephanie herself went through during that time.

Her love life had faired no better either. Steph's first love and father of her daughter had fled Gotham upon hearing of her pregnancy, thus abandoning her with her unborn child, which had led her to fall for Tim and needless to repeat how troubled their time together had been. However, Tim had then been surprised by information put him. After her return to Gotham from her apparent death, she'd partnered with Cassandra Cain, Batgirl at the time, and that much he knew. What he didn't know was that before Cass had passed the Batgirl mantle to Steph, the blonde had begun to hold a candle for her silent Asian predecessor. However, when Cassie faded away from Gotham, Stephanie had promptly vowed silently her to fulfill her unrequited love's shoes as best she could. 

Tim analyzed Stephanie's life more closely, noting how it hindered her from becoming a prime crime fighter. A life lacking nuturing and encouragement from those in her life, Tim having to admit even from himself at times. Plus, a very recent past she hadn't been able let go had prevented her from becoming more than the average crimefighter, and she couldn't excel in her martial arts nor in her detective skills. Tim didn't doubt her ability to adapt and survive in a cowl, but he really wished to try and lift some of the burdens holding her back. 

Thinking carefully over which changes he could make while limiting the negative side effects on Stephanie herself, Tim opened the past history tab and he began deleting elements which were acting as a burden on her life. For instance, the influence of her first boyfriend, eliminating the lack of confidence both her broken and heart teenage pregnancy generated in her. Tim concluded that the best way to achieve this with minimal damage was to make the young Stephanie Brown a hardcore fan of Wonder Woman. The single inspiring presence of the Amazon princess in her early teen years, helped the young woman overcome her heartbreak from the douchebag, and in turn made her more trusting of the family whom had eventually adopted her baby daughter. With this single change Stephanie personal profile changed drastically. 

She became more fit and the program's read out for willpower tose sharply. However, that changes weren't the end results Tim wished for. Stephanie just was more assertive and sure about her decisions, but some underlying emotional weakness still remained. A need to escape from the past related with her father, the Cluemaster, persisted in undermining her entire self-image. Tim studied her profile even deeper and noticed that if he wished to change the need to escape which was resulting in that emotional uncertainty, then he had to remove Cluemaster from her life. Yet, wiping it would make Stepahnie's entire profile rebuild from the resulting blank slate in her childhood and it would result in her becoming someone else entirely, not the Stephanie Brown he was trying to help. So Tim chose to not touch on that area and look for ways to change Steph that didn't risk her very identity. 

He first looked for a way to improve her infiltration skills directly, but instead from he raising skill after skill and tweaking trait after, which each change seeming even more insignificant than the last. In frustration, Tim opened a brand new tab containing Selina Kyle profile and he copied her professional skills and traits, knowing her occupation as a thief made her one of the best stealth artists in the world. However, in his haste, he missed the fact that Selina's professional credits included details on the cat thief's impressive sexual drive and a vast array of sexual skills from her time as a former hooker. How this might affect Stephanie was never considered in Tim's actions and the change went unchecked. 

Tim scanned Stephanie's refreshed tab and smiled at the substancial increase to her skills, but both her fighting and investigative abilities left something to be desired in his opinion. So, once more, Tim returned to the past tab to reread the information about her period working side by side with Cassandra and in turn brought up the current Black Bat's file too. 

It appeared their time together had to more than a few awkward circumstances. Given Cassandra's talents for reading body language, Stephanie's feelings for her had left the former assassin confused as how best to handle the evident sexual tension between. It wasn't that Cassandra rejected Steph's feelings, far from it according to the program, but rather she was so inexperienced in such matters Cass hadn't known what to do and Steph's silence on the matter had left feelings unresolved and their effectiveness as training partners hindered. And Tim concluded this had prevented Stephanie learning valuable fighting know how from someone who knew more than Batman when it came to the art of combat.

Tim pondered on this notion for a while, thinking over several solutions to this issue before typing into Stephanie's past tab on the Master PC. "During an intense training session, Stephanie and Cassandra kissed accidentally. Both realizing that the other did not reject the kiss and thusly decided to explore a romantic relationship." And with that, Stephanie's fighting skills improved instantly and astronomically, but at the same time it changed several aspects of her libido and sexual preferences. Shortly after beginning her relationship with Cass, Stephanie's tastes had shifted into bondage as well as several other different sexual practices with her natural bisexuality leaning closer to the female side of the spectrum. This didn't concern Tim didn't however, the program was still showing he was her prime love interest, but Cassandra was dangerously close. Steph's relationships with them both also becoming very 'off and on' in nature, but that was enough to Tim. So as a final tweak he raised her base intelligence to give her detective skills one final boost and pressed save.

Meanwhile at her college dorm room Stephanie was waking up to brand new day. The small space had used to be modelled to appear just like a typical college residence, acting as a cover for her activities as Batgirl and never really showing any of the real her. However, today it was different.

Posters displaying naked girls in very romantic settings decorated the walls, only tasteful positioning preserving the models' modesty. Various sexual tools and toys were placed almost proudly on display the non-poster covered wall space and the table in front of the room's vanity. Her one book shelf contained numerous titles describing the various crafts of sexual, the most notable exception being the licensed biograph of Diana, Princess of Themyshira. In the centre of it all stood her king size bed and above that a mirror covered ceiling so that she might see more of her lovers and their fun together. Steph now lay upon the purple covers nude except for an ear piece communicator, polishing her treasured pair of silver bracelets that had been gifted to her by her personal heroine and idol, Wonder Woman herself.

"No Proxy, I told you I need this free time for my personal needs." Stephanie said aloud in a very playful tone, the blonde smiled brightly as Proxy huffed at the innuendo through her ear piece. "And my mark's actually called Sophie Wang. I think she is related to some Tong members." She explained to her info scavenger, before looking to her dorm room door as it opened and whom she expected entered. "Look I gotta go." She said quickly, placing the bracelets over her wrists and standing up off the bed. "Just get me the info by tonight. 'Kay, thanks." Batgirl chuckled as she cut the line and prevented her friend from protesting. Jumping off the bed, Steph quickly removed her ear piece to then place it in her beside draw and in turn take something out of the draw in its place. The feel of worn leather in her hands make the naked blonde shiver in anticipation of the next few hours.

Falling to her knees, the proud defender of Gotham pleaded as she held out the collar in her hands, trembling with delight. "Please allow me to be your pet..."

(Evva, but version 2.0 was done by my guardian angel Solddate. I knew the guy was awesome, double letters are always great)

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