More fun with mirrors

by Master_Kind
Storyline Mirrors, Mirrors
Characters Absolutely Everyone
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Starfire couldn't remember when she'd opened the door to her quarters upon hearing Karma knocking. It had to have been hours and hours ago. She only came to for moments between Karma's possession of her body. Kori jerked awake again to find herself in a tangle of sheets and limbs, covered in sweat.

"Mmmm . . ." she heard Karma sigh contentedly next to her once more. Starfire tried to move and either attack her or fly away but she felt both utterly exhausted and almost pleasurably sore, as if she'd been fucking nonstop for hours.

"Your body is beautiful, Starfire - so powerful, so lush and so perfect. I've always Envied how sexy you are and how lucky Nightwing is to have you in his bed . . . but now I don't have to just envy. Now I can take you, again and again."

She heard Nightwing groan beneath her in an equally exhausted state and realized that Karma had been possessing the both of them for what had to be hours!

"I Envied your boyfriend too - so powerful, so male, so strong, so I took control of him too to see what it would feel like to be the two of you when you had sex together. I just wish he had powers. I Envy all of you with the superpowers I don't have."

The lusty Asian mutant's double kissed Starfire's navel lightly.

"Mmm, like peach fuzz. I'm Envious."

Seeing her chance for escape, Kori began to charge up a blast and she felt Nightwing tense beneath her to deliver a blow to their mutant captor.

"Ah, ah, ah- you're my toys now. I Envy your determination to stop me but I'm not going to let either of you go, not ever again."

Kori and Dick felt their bodies go limp as Karma possessed them once again and made them stand up and suck on each of her tits. This would be at least the eleventh time they'd fucked in one variation or another in four hours but it still wasn't enough.

"Ohhh, that's good . . . but it would be even better if I had more of them obeying me." the Envy-filled duplicate of Karma sighed, never satisfied.

Black Cat hovered delicately over the diamond in the Star City display case, having just cut the case open with her claws. She was about to take her prize when, to her shock, a gloved hand ghosted through the case and took the diamond.

"Stay away from MY diamond!" hissed a girl who looked exactly like Shadowcat, albeit with a face-concealing ninja garb and what looked like Nightwing's belt placed over her costume.

"YOUR diamond?" Black Cat snarled. "I was stealing that fair and square!"

Kitty Pryde laughed, phasing out of the way as Black Cat attacked her.

"There's no honor among thieves, you stupid slut!" she said in a taunting sing-song voice. "But I do like that outfit. I think I could do way better things with those claws of yours."

"Try it, you stupid flat-chested- hey!"

Much to Black Cat's surprise, Kitty dephased just long enough to grab the tufted white fur of her costume's collar and re-phased, pulling her costume right off of her, leaving Felicia Hardy suddenly wearing nothing but a black lace thong in the middle of the museum.

"Mmmm, mine! All mine!" Kitty Pryde said with a strange gleam in her eyes. "Good luck getting past the guards like that you stupid cow."

Before Felicia could react, Shadowcat walked up the air like a staircase and vanished through the roof. She could faintly hear what sounded like the engines of a Blackbird jet taking off into the night.

A furious Felicia Hardy wondered what the hell had gotten into the junior X-Man even as guards suddenly filled the room, getting an eyeful of the topless cat thief as she immediately took off in a mad dash to escape.

Meanwhile, on the stolen Blackbird, Kitty Pryde eyed her newest conquest with delight. This had been even easier money than selling Deathstroke the security codes for Xavier's Tower for Gifted Metahumans. A fancy new set of cybernetic claws, a near-priceless diamond and all the other artifacts she'd stolen would make her rich . . . but it was never enough. She'd suddenly realized that she needed money, power, everything she ever wanted just after she attacked that double of herself she ran into during her morning workout.

"Kitty Pryde's going to have it all . . ." she purred, her eyes filled with Greed, "Or else!"


Red Skull snapped orders quickly.

"The mirror on the wall! Pick it up and place it in front of the attacking Avengers!"

His soldiers took orders without question and heaved the surprisingly mirror of the wall and towards the battle.

"You!" he snarled at the idiot doppleganger. "Stay here! It is not safe!"

"Yes, Sir!" cried the cowardly girl, hugging the picture of Sin on his bureau.

Red Skull sighed. At the very least, this mirror might provide enough confusion for him to escape. Best case scenario, the dopplegangers they created might give him enough of an edge to destroy the Avengers in combat!


"Somebody care to explain to me why the hell we got a mirror in the middle of the C.H.E.C.K.M.A.T.E. Helicarrier?" Nick Fury snapped at his subordinates. "I don't recall hiring a damn interior decorator!"

"And here I thought somebody finally cared about me making sure my hair looked great." deadpanned Fire, the superhero supermodel who was also secretly a superspy.

"Somehow, I doubt that." White Bishop and Black Widow Natasha Romanov, added dryly, as she started at the mirror in puzzlement.

"There's an inscription." Widow said, reading it aloud in her sultry Russian-accented voice. "The Mirror of Disagreements - Look Not Into This Mirror Unless You Wish to Fight Yourself."

She had barely spoken the words aloud when a snap kick from within the mirror landed with vicious force to her jaw.

"Too late, bitch." snarled a perfect copy of Black Widow in white, followed immediately by duplicates of Nick Fury and Fire.

"Fighting for order and justice? How pathetic." sneered the other Fire as she shot flame blasts at her duplicates, both of which barely dodged out of the way in time.

"Time to get the globe as fucked up as possible!" laughed the other Fury as he unloaded his gun into vital parts of the bride, decimating the steering navigation and the communications grid. "Let's set this world on fire, starting with America!"

"This is EXACTLY why I don't like people decorating their desks." grumbled Fury as unholstered his gun and returned fire . . .


It had been exactly five hours since The Mirror of Gender had appeared in the Stacked Deck and in that time, damn near every thug and supervillain in the place had used it like a party trick after reading aloud the inscription. "Look Into Me and Meet The Yin To Your Yang".

Two-Face and his new female double had each flipped a coin, smiled at each other and ran out to cause chaos in Gotham City while Riddler and his female duplicate had sat down and started a seemingly never ending riddle challenge. Taskmaster and Taskmistress had simply smiled and decided to work out their new work schedules, immediately realizing that a 50/50 partnership would allow them to make even more cash training thugs across the world.

Some crooks had more simple intentions. The Secret Six's Catman stared down his female counterpart "Catwoman" for a few moments before they circled one another, sniffed each other, then pounced on each other and rolled into the Men's Room, where they started fucking like wild animals. The Wrecking Crew, living high on the hog after a successful score, had all left with their female duplicates back to their hideout to see just how much fun they could have with one other (as each of their counterparts were busty Amazons, reminiscent of Wonder Woman or She-Hulk), with one exception - the more intelligent Thunderball, who had stayed behind to examine the mirror with his equally curious female duplicate. They were joined in their study of the mirror by a wary male and female Doctors Destiny.

Some supervillians took umbrage at the duplicates and almost immediately got into a fight. Typhoid Mary and Typhoid Larry had to be kicked out before they set the entire bar on fire. The same went for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, who each found the existence of the other insulting. The male Deadpool and the female Deadpool had started trying to kill each other immediately but the sounds now coming from the ladies bathroom didn't exactly sound murderous, much to the disgust of everyone else in the Stacked Deck. Female Deadshot had ended up faster on the draw than her male counterpart and had ended up killing him. Afterwards, she simply shrugged and took all of his ammo, cigarettes and weapons before lighting up a cigarette and ordering a shot of Jim Bean. She was still slim and dark-haired but she had an impressive bust and long, well-built legs.

The bartender sighed.

"I better be getting paid time and a half for this."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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