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by Master_Kind
Storyline Porn Star Hero
Previous Chapter The Omega Boobs do their work and Superman is temporarily overwhelmed with lustful, depraved thoughts.

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Oooh, a cliffhanger! Stay tuned to see if our Big Blue Boy Scout blows his load again in a far worse place or if he gets control of himself and stands up for Truth, Justice and the boring way!


Emma Frost sighed as she watched the Stepford Cuckoos walk past her in skimpy Catholic Schoolgirl outfits, trailed by a sneering Jean Gray. She shook her head and turned around to find herself facing a camera crew!

"Ladies, are you tired of feeling like you're about to be put out to pasture? Do you have rivals who shamelessly use their cosmic powers to make sure they look 24, even though they're 38?"

Emma burned with rage and humiliation at this indignity but she couldn't stop herself.

"Luckily, I found just the thing to get the one up on all these younger women!" she heard herself say as she dipped two fingers into her impressive cleavage and pulled out a small vial.

"Frost's Frisky Foundation!" she purred. "Forget hours of make-up to hide crow's feet! This is the last make-up you'll ever need!"

"Just dab on your cheeks . . ."

She felt herself applying the makeup with a slim brush contained in the handle.

"And away go the weeks! And months! Ooh, and years!"

Emma gasped as she felt her body shrinking in height and her tight leather White Queen uniform morphing into silken cloth.

"But don't worry ladies - this foundation of youth won't take away your curves! In fact, it will add on to what you've already got!"

The White Queen moaned softly as she felt her buttocks round out, her hips widen and her tits swell outwards even further as her waist shrank. Her long blonde hair was up in pigtails. Suddenly, she felt full of randy energy and teenage lust!

She looked down and saw that her previously big tits were now phenomenally large and impossibly perky, barely contained in a tied-up Catholic Schoolgirl blouse. She felt a pleated skirt tickling her ass cheeks and knew she wasn't wearing a lick of underwear underneath it. Instead of Mary Janes, she felt her feet comfortably settle into a pair of white open-toe stilleto heels. Every part of her body felt so soft, warm and lush!

"Emma? Is that you?!?" came Scott Summer's manly voice. "I barely recognize you!"

Cyclops came striding up purposefully, clearly looking her up and down and liking what he saw, if the massive bulge in his pants was any indication.

"Sure, its me, Mister Summers - your sweet little Emma!"

She saw Jean fuming in the background and the Cuckoos looking down at their own busts in disappointment, which, combined with the way Cyclops licked her lips at the sight of her, made her incredibly fucking wet.

"Wow, Emma, I can't wait to get you alone . . . I bet you've got way more energy than that old bitch wife of mine!" Cyclops said in a throaty, appreciative stage whisper as he pulled her close to him, smashing her huge new tits against his rock hard abs. Emma knew that none of them were in control of themselves but somehow she just didn't care anymore.

"I'm barely legal and all yours, baby! I've been a bad little girl and I need Daddy Summers to punish me!" she heard herself say in a younger, higher-pitched voice. It should have been absurd but it was perfect. God, she wanted to have him fuck her right there, right in front of that old cow Jean!

"You got it, baby." Scott said, scooping her up in his muscular arms and making her squeal in delight. "I've got a very special lesson to teach you!"

She and Scott's mouths found each other and it was pure bliss.

When she finally came up for air, she was panting and desperate to get fucked.

"Frost's Frisky Foundation! For women who want to be bad, bad girls!" she said briefly to the camera before untying her blouse and squealing in delight as Scott lowered her head to suck on her fat tits. She heard Jean crying faintly in the background and the Cuckoos fingering themselves with envy. Emma knew now that she was younger, beautiful and sexier than Jean Gray - sexier than any of the girls in school! The realization alone nearly made her cum.

"Time to for your spanking!" Scott said in his sexiest voice as one hand strayed up her thighs.


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