Tony might be in over his head this time

by Master_Kind
Storyline Mirrors, Mirrors
Characters Hawkeye Power Girl Iron Man Raven (DC)
Previous Chapter Red Skull. Mirror. Something craaaazy happens!

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"Oof!" Tony said as Karen released both men upon entering the medical area.

"All right, now you boys stay right here - Auntie Karen's got to go get some toys and outfits to make this really fun!" the blonde purred before taking off at superspeed.

"Uh, look, Karen, I didn't really want to play "doctor"," Tony began, "I'm really worried about you. Why don't you just lie down on the table and let us scan you for-"

Karen's look darkened.

"Nobody tells me what to do! Especially when I want to get fucked!" she growled. "Time to show you just who's in charge here!"

Without another word, she ripped off the rest of Tony's armor like it was tin foil at superspeed, leaving Tony in nothing but his boxers and chestplate. She then grabbed him and threw him onto the medical bed with a snarl.

"I wanna have fun because I'm pretty damn horny right now but I WILL be a mega-bitch if I have to, got it?"

"Uh, yes, ma'am?" Tony said with a wince, feeling bruises forming where she'd torn off his suit.

"That's more like it." she said with a smile. "Be right back! And don't go anywhere or I'll have to punish the both of you!"

With a whoosh, she was gone. Tony gingerly stood up and glared at Hawkeye.

"You have less than five minutes to explain WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED TO POWER GIRL!" he shouted at Clint.

"Tonah, ah kun bahly TAHLK aftuh wha happen lath tahm!" Clint spat out.

"Oh, for- just write it all down!"

Tony threw a nearby pad and paper to Clint, who began writing furiously. He had almost finished when Power Girl returned, wearing a slutty nurses outfit and tossing a bag full of sex toys onto a nearby counter.

"Okay, boys, time to play doctor!"

"Ohhhh, boy." Tony Stark said, suddenly wondering how one of his sexual fantasies suddenly got so damn weird. "Uh, great."

"Poor thing - you don't seem happy? I didn't break anything when I pulled all that metal off you, did I?"

Tony nodded slowly.

"Um, I am a little banged up. Maybe we could just wait until I'm at 100% for us to-"

"Oh, you're fine!" Karen said with an eyeroll. "But if you're gonna be such a big baby about it, why don't we start with something simple? I'll just bend over this medical bed and suck you off while Clinty here shoves that big fat cock of his up my hungry Kryptonian pussy!"

Both men stared at Karen in a mixture of shock, arousal and dismay.

"Uhhh-" Hawkeye began.

"Karen, I don't-" Tony started.

"THAT WASN'T A REQUEST!" snapped Power Girl as she ripped off their underwear (and pants in Clint's case). "Fuck me! Get those cocks out! NOW!"

Tony Stark gulped. Whatever had made this happen to Karen, he sure as hell hoped it wasn't spreading (well, most of him did anyways).


Raven woke up with a throbbing headache and a strong sense of dark magic pushing at the boundaries of her aura. She remembered sensing Dark Magic and Sam attacking her but everything else was fuzzy. Something about a mirror?

She stumbled to her feet unsteadily and was surprised to find a throbbing in her pussy matching the throbbing sensation of pain in her head.

"What is- my magic?"

Raven's own magic was being used somehow! She felt her emotion controlling aura spreading and punching through barriers insistently, her power being used without care or restraint to spread emotion. A single emotion - lust.

"Mmmmm, nooooo, I must-" Raven gasped. She could actual feel what the other Raven was feeling and it was increasingly clear that Raven was getting fucked. HARD.

"I must- stop, mmmmm, ahh! Thisssss-ah! Must stop this!" she said, gritting her teeth and trying to focus as she felt a huge phantom cock pounding in and out of her tight snatch relentlessly.

"NGGN! I am Raven! I am in contrrrrol!" she growled, closing her eyes and trying to focus on ignoring the rampant desire and delightful physical sensations rampaging through her body. "I am in control! OHHH!"

She gasped and her hips swung forward as she tried to walk towards the center of where the duplicate magic was coming from. Whomever was fucking her - the OTHER her - had flipped her over and was now smacking her pert, tight ass as he ruthlessly slammed his giant cock inside of her. Raven now felt her ass stinging as well as her pussy getting filled over and over again.

If she hadn't been recently concussed, she might have been able to hold the sensations at bay, keep them out of her aura, but her throbbing head could barely keep her from falling to the ground and bucking her hips back against her invisible lover.

"Nuh-no! I am in control! Ah-azarath, muh-mentiros, zinthooooooooohHHHHH FUCK!" she screamed as her doppleganger came so hard she saw stars.

She fell to one knee, stumbling as she finally made it into the commons area where the duplicate of her own magic was coming from, her body overcome with intense pleasure and a delightful kind of pain that she'd never felt before, radiating into her by proxy from her double.

When she looked, panting and with half-lidded eyes, she locked eyes with her duplicate who was even more wracked with pleasure as a version of Cannonball bent her over the arm of the sofa and fucked her savagely.

"Yeah, you like that, y'filthy fuckin' WHORE? You! Fucking! Like! THAT?" the naked, muscular version of Cannonball shouted as he punctuated each word with another deep thrust of his massive cock and stinging slap of her ass.

"Suh-stop this!" Raven moaned, trying and failing to block the incredibly powerful, delightful sensations out. "You are not me- this act is harming all nearby-aaayyyyyyyAHHHH!"

"Shut up, BITCH!" snarled Cannonball as he pulled the other Raven's dark hair hard, yanking her torso up so he could squeeze one of her larger tits roughly as he shoved himself balls-deep into her snatch. "You're fuckin' NEXT!"

The worst part was that Raven was rapidly considering that far less of a threat than a promise . . .

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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