Batman must decide if he wants to stay this way. He chooses to stay.

by Anzaleth
Storyline The Mannequin
Previous Chapter Batsy chats with his besties the former Catwoman and Two-Face

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Mad Hatter slapped the side of his head.

"Oh dearie dearie me! I totally forgot to check back with you after an hour, Batsy!" he laughed. "Boy, is my face red! So what's it going to be? Boring old stressed-out superhero or super pretty princess mannequin?"

* * *

One month later, Alfreda Pennyworth cooed as she flounced around stately Tetch Mansion (Or Mad Hatter Mansion, as it was unofficially known). The busty woman was dressed in a tight rubber French maid outfit that barely contained her huge tits. Rather than the usual black, the maid outfit alternated black and red, with the black parts festooned with red diamonds and hearts and the red parts with black spades and clubs.

Her stiletto heels clicked as she sauntered into the first room, and smiled at the display of mannequins. 

"How's my lovely Princess Batsy doing today?"

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