Fantastic Breeding

by Greyman
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Bimboization M/F Marvel DC
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 The blonde woman sashayed into frame of the video screen.  With her long hair clipped up in twin ponytails, she wasn’t immediately recognisable. Although she was wearing her distinctive blue uniform, it had been heavily modified; stretched out of recognition in all the right places, with a wide cut-out where her emblem used to sit. No one looked at her face. She’d also returned to wearing a short skirt and a whole lot of bare leg. Her black knee-high boots now sported ridiculous-inch heels.

 “Hi! I’m Suzie.” Her voice was cheerful and high pitched, while she checked notes on a cue card. “I mean, Susan Richards. Like, I’m totally the Invisible Girl, you know? Woman. Invisible Woman. I’m recording this to warn to you about, ah… Bimbodoxii slatternis. That’s, well, what I call the ‘Super Slut Flu’.

 “After a few days of inc-uba-tion, the initial symptoms are easily mistaken for influenza; what with the fever, disorientation, sweating, swollen glands, et cetera. You hope it’s just the normal flu, but you know it’s totally not, because you’re like really horny. 

 “Uhm… in a state of constant arousal. That’s the hor-mon-al changes, which are totally trying to make you… er, engage in behaviour which encourages con-tag-ion. Because it’s spread by fucking a lot. 

 “Ah… I mean, passed by fluid exchange during sex…ual in-ter-course. … “ She shook herself, trying to maintain some dignity, professionalism, and, like, totally failing.

“Anyways… once the three to five day infectious period has passed, the physical changes begin.” She gestured down her body and posed provocatively to demonstrate the impact. “The virus like, totally exaggerates sexual di-mor-phism, enhances fertility, and ah promotes reproduction. The randi… er, enhanced libido calms down, but never really goes away. The changes are totally permanent you know. I mean, I guess they could be mit-igat-ed with plastic surgery and phar-mac-eutical treatments; but why would you want to?

“Okay. Let’s do the boys. … I mean, let’s –discuss-- the effects on males. You’re going to get bigger. I mean more so than before.  Like, in addition to growing… like more muscular all over, and a lot burlier, most guys will experience penile expansion. Hmmm… you know, in length and thickness when erect, along with testicular swelling. Baht, contrawise to a similar steroid induced growth, there is a huge boost in sexual confidence, sexual aggression, and sexual performance. So it’s all good news.

“Oh, well, yes, a small percentage of infected males may experience an adverse reaction and, like, transform instead into complete females. But that hardly ever happens.

“Anyway. The girls experience similar en-hance-ment of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. There’s rapid nail growth, and your hair grows thicker and more luxurious. But like only on your head; you totally loose body hair so no more bikini waxes. As for the rest, well, you burn off cellulite, but your hips grow wider, and of course, your breasts. What can I say?

 She thust out her ample chest and shimmied. They jiggled. A lot. There was a lot to jiggle, and the skin tight outfit left little to the imagination.<o:p></o:p>

 “Well, like, in addition to enlarged cup size, the aureoles will grow wider, darker, and more sensitive. Some women may begin to lactate. The labia will likewise grow thicker, and fuller; and the clitoris becomes so much enlarged. But it feels sooooo good.

“I mean, the erogenous zones are far more responsive, and skin in general is more sensitive to stimulation. Like, affected women totally tend to avoid wearing cotton or woollen garments, preferring silk, vinyl, or latex, fabrics—and as little as possible.

“So not much change there. Hey?

“Ahem… and now, I’d like to bust the myth that the slut flu makes you dumb. It totally doesn’t! Affected women do not exhibit decreased intelligence. It’s just our behaviour is totally influenced by increased oest-ro-gen and end-orph-in production. We’re a lot happier. Like, all the time!

 She giggled, and then wagged a finger at the camera.

“And we’re so horny! But that doesn’t mean we’re easy. We girls totally don’t have to sleep with you guys. We’ve got fingers and girlfriends to take the edge off. And, well, I’ve got my own way of dealing with it.” By way of demonstration, mimed running her hand up, and down, a thick, invisible cylinder.


“… So, yeah. We don’t have to sleep around if we don’t want to. ‘Cause we’ll totally get knocked up when we let you. ‘cause we’re extra ripe, and the pill, like, totally won’t work. Uhm, and you know how easy diaphrams and condoms rupture when your husband can stretch any part of his body… ahh…

“So now you know. You can be, like, totally prepared to handle this, not get caught by surprise like… Er, nevermind. We’ve got, like, the best minds working on a cure so hang in there.”

 <hr />

Suzie ended the recording and worried at her plump lower lip in a cute bimbo pout. It was all very well to warn other heroines, but how was she going to explain to her husband what his loving wife had done while he was locked in a lab searching for a cure? 

What had happened?

Her blue jumpsuit top had been pushed up over her swollen and tender tits. The bottom discarded, and had been flat on her back, legs in the air with her panties waving from one ankle like a flag while she received a good stiff rogering. 

Her partner’s eyes admiring the hard nipples capping her jiggling mounds with each shove. Her cries and moans music to his ears. And best of all, the tight squeeze milking his dick dry. He reached up and groped her breast, eliciting a muffled moan. “Incredible! For a mother of two, your pussy is still one tight snatch.”

“Uh, uh, oooh, yess. I, hurr, work ouuuut!” She was too horny to care, and it was hard to think. Hard, like his cock. She needed his cock in her pussy.

“I can, huh, tell. You really know, oooogh, how to work a cock.”

“Ohhh, yessss. Pound me harderrrr!” She was moaning hard; ready to cum. “Fuck, me, harder!”

He was only too willing, “I’m, hrr, going to blow my load!” and soon exploded into her tight pussy.

She came at the same time, unable to believe she’d let him do it, but loving it just the same. Feeling so guilty, so embarrassed, so cheap and tawdry, and so very, very satisfied.

But not for long. When she knelt over him started sucking his cock for a second round, he was in heaven. “I can’t believe this is happening. You suck like a pro… but I want to fuck your titties.”

She looked up at him while licking the length of his shaft and agreed. She couldn’t believe it was happening either. But she willingly shifted position, coaxing him to stand while she cupped her bosom and made his cock the meat in a breast-bun sandwich. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her mouth hung open, as he thrust into her cleavage.

She could not take it for long, and soon needed to put it inside her once more. She pushed him onto his back and road him until he was ready to explode.

But he held off, barely, and turning her over onto her back, he grasped onto her huge tits, then started to fuck hard and furious.

“Yessss… Cum in me…. Cum in my tight pussy.”

Not one to turn down such a polite invitation from a delirious lady, his cock erupted inside her again. 

That was the first time she’d let anyone but her husband fuck her, but she feared it would not be the last. And that was not all she had to worry about.

She stood and fled quickly--naked but invisible--before the lust could overwhelm her again.

 Why had she let him? Why had he been so eager? Blame that on the super slut flu… but why hadn’t she taken precautions? Especially since he was....

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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