Captain America mates with Storm and tries to gain control of the horde.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Captain America Storm Wasp
Category Marvel M/F Pregnancy Growth Transformation Corruption
Previous Chapter She attacks SHIELD with her hive, bringing the heli-carrier down.

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"Yes! YES more! Plow me you fucking weakling." Roared Storm as Cap pounded into her from behind, they had been going at it for over an hour in the 'royal' chambers in front of everyone, who had all fallen into a feral orgy. Even Steve had fallen into the rutt as he grasped her wide hips and speared deeper into her, grunting as he tried to pierce into her uterus.

Looking over her shoulder Storm laughed as Steve was lost in mounting her like an animal. "Do you really think you can satisfy me? I have been mated by several and not ONE has made me cum yet." Looking around the Breeder Queen smiled as the rest of the horde bred around them. Rogue and Frost made out passionately, their claws gropping and caressing whatever they could reach. Spider-Woman and Tigra were sampling some of the males in the horde while Black Panther seeded a young female off in the corner.

The others were experiencing the same thing all around the chamber as Storm continued, clenching her pussy to get his attention. "Mmmm so full, I bear the crop of many mates, DO IT! Cum in me weakling, add your clutch to my womb."

Tensing up as he felt his climax build Cap gripped her ass tightly, rearing up as he roared up in his conquest of the weather goddess, the spines over his back rattling as he unleashed over a gallon of seed into her crowded womb, his hips jolting as he pumped more and more into her before the two slumped down together, As Storm moaned in ecstacy her mind buzzed with old memories that had been twisted and corrupted after transformation, her mind was left open long enough for Xavier to do his work.


Janet moaned out loud as three of her sons speared their cocks into her crowded pussy at the same time, the rest of Wasp's swarm either waited for their turn or were regaining their energy after giving their queen all they had.

Janet's wings buzzed behind her as one of her lovers tensed and came hard into her, making her belly swell again as he dislodged himself for someone else to have their turn, making the queen abomination squirm as another took his place and began thrusting like the others. By now her belly was large and round, this was the biggest she had ever grown so far and yet she could only wonder how many would be born from this latest pregnancy.

Looking over to one of her drones pumping his cock in anticipation she grabbed his erection and pulled him towards her, licking her fanged lips as she began sucking him off like she were starving. Eventually she felt him tense in her mouth and moaned as he flooded her stomach with his seed. "Feed me, FUCK ME! I want to be ripe when we return to the others!" Grunted Janet as she shoved her 'meal' away and grabbed another, rolling over onto her hands and knees as her hive fucked her from behind and stuffed her lips with thier cocks.

As another snarled out in released Janet laughed as she felt her belly grow again, pressing against the ground as she were filled on both ends.


Blinking her eyes as she returned to conciousness Storm moaned as she felt rough powerful hands grope her breasts while a huge solid cock invaded her moist folds.

Looking down she nearly gasped at what she found. Instead of smooth ebony skin she had pitch black scales covering her entire body, her breasts were massive, easily the size of her own head and leaking a thick green substance from her erect nipples. Her hips were wider than her shoulders and she sported sharp looking spines that lined up her arms and thighs. The real shock was the quivering dome of her belly, rubbing the firm scales of her stomach with her claws she found several jolts meet her palm, telling her she was massively pregnant.

"So your awake finally?" Whispered a deep voice behind her, followed by a long tongue licking up her neck. Turning her head she ended up in a deep kiss that made her swoon before pulling away slightly, amused that she had tusks that curved out of her mouth. "I... I remember now, the abominations, the green cloud... All those people..."

"Xavier managed to repair your mind like he did the rest of you, but we needed to make your minds blank for him to do it, in other words we had to screw you senseless." Looking up at the man he answered the questioning look in her eyes. "Yeah your an abomination now and your stuck like this for the rest of your life. But at least you won't be going out and destroying everything in your path."

Looking over to the others she found them all exhausted but acting as if they came out of a strange dream... Or nightmare. Emma was sobbing to herself as Rogue and Cyclops tried to comfort her, Beast was trying to break the chains he and the others put around Wolverine and Colossus's necks as Jubilee and Kitty smiled at how their plan worked.

"So what is there for us now?" Feeling a pair of claws cup the underside of her tremendous breasts she moaned as Cap nibbled at her ear. "Your still you, just a 10 foot tall superstrong monster you." Moaning under his ministrations Storm listened as he continued. "The only thing to worry about now is the appetite your body has and the fact you'll be in heat twenty four seven."

She listened as he told her how her new body worked just as she felt her belly tighten and her water broke seconds later.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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