How's Reed doing?

by Burke.Rakers
Storyline Transforming the Illuminati
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Madness. Utter madness. And worst of all...none of it made sense.

Reed Richards had handled the strange attack on himself very effectivly. His rubbery, adaptable braincells had shunted the strange urges to one side and he'd (much like Tony Stark) returned home quickly and extracted the strange...what ever it was. A helix of thoughts and urges that had been planted into his brain somehow. And the urges themselves? Ridiculous as heck. He'd examined the strange blob of thought trapped in the stasis field...right up untill it vanished without a trace.

He'd tried to contact Tony Stark, but recieved no answer. The same with Xavier, Strange and Blackbolt. He WAS able to reach Namor, but the King of Atlantis was...was...

Well, actually...it was rather funny.

"Yes, Reed..." vamped Namor, dressed in one of Lady Dorma's retailored gowns. He'd lost none of his muscles or bodymass, but despite that...he moved and gestured with what might be best called 'languid effeminate grace'. His face was enhanced with bold cosmetics, and his hair had grown long and thick.

"Oh, Reed..." Namor gushed, his long-nailed hands fluttering "...I've been simply DYING to speak with you! Oh, such a GRAND time I've had! It was...rather bad at first, but finally...I know I'm beautiful...simply beautiful." he sauntered slowly about, and a guard in the background asked quietly "Um...your highness? King Namor?"

Namor turned and snarled "HOW DARE YOU INTERUPT ME, YOU WORM! And I thought I'd told you...I am 'Queen' Namor, now! Begone, and do not return till you can learn your place!"

The guard hustled quickly out of the room, and 'Queen Namor' turned back to the viewer, his face a mask of joyful lust. "They'll learn soon enough, Reed. Don't worry. But...I've been thinking of you, Reed. Oh, to be your lover...to have you mounting my ass and taking me for your own...to beg you for the chance to uck your cock...oh, Reed...I ache for you..." as he said this, 'Queen Namor' touched himself, gushing and posing as he licked his thick, crimson lips. His panties only barely held his huge, heavy cock in check.

Reed - who'd put up with this man trying to steal his wife for years - couldn't help just chuckle at the image. Queen Namor looked delighted, gushing "Oh, I see I've PLEASED you, Reed! How I long to have you in my arms! Please...come to me my darling!"

"I fear I've too many things to handle here, my Queen. Also...I AM married."

Queen Namor paused, then looked furious. His teeth clenched and his red, dagger-like nails curled into talons. "THAT BITCH! It's SHE that keeps you from ME? Curse the woman! Doesn't she know that a proud QUEEN like myself NEEDS to have a man your quality? She must be MADE to understand..."

"Well, I...I need to inspect you, Namor. Please come here as soon as possible. Then we can speak about our...situation."

Queen Namor brightened and touched his smooth, hairless chest. "An invitation to visit? Oh, Reed...you're such a gentleman. I'll be there with bells on...soon." he batted his long, feathery lashes and toodled his fingers at the screen.

Reed prepared his machines, intent on getting to the bottom of this...unaware that the energy wave he'd seen dissipate...had actually simply moved on to another host...or rather, hosts...

It was crazy. Just...crazy. But...it was also the most perfect thing in the world. The thing that had tried and failed to convert Reed had moved on in fruatration...and found a relationship that NEED to be. It had seeped into the minds of Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm, and moved things about. Then...it began to work on their bodies...in the end...

OH, baby..." gushed the squealing, simpering sissy under him as he slapped his hands and tapped his toes in time with the thrusts "...take it all th' way! Drive it down deep an' make me yer sweet-sweet Benji-boi!"

"Shut up, you silly boi-bitch..." growled the muscular man who thrust into him. He was tall, though not as tall as his companion. His hair was a great, sweeping cape of vibrant blond waves that swirled about him and the glittering red gown he wore. His legs were sheathed in hip-high leather boots with 6' heels, and his makeup was bold and firey in the manner of the wildest of drag queens. He thrust...thrust...thrust like a piston into his partner...

Bent over, giggling and moaning...Benji Storm was in absolute heaven! He was just as big as ever, but...different. His body was not quite as massive or as solid, as his huge ass rippled and jiggled as Jonnie thrust into him. His thick body was sculpted into rounded curves and slopes, and though breastless...one might have said he looked almost feminine. His face was very different, with a smaller jaw, no heavy brow ridges and lips that looked plump and kissable. His nose was a sweet, little snub...the face of a cute cherub statue in a childs garden. Makeup softened his features even more, with bright pinks contrasting cutely with his bright orange skin. He wore thick-heeled, fetish-ware pink Mary Janes, baby blue fishnets, a pink vinyl miniskirt hiked-up high to expose his huge ass. A baby blue top with lots of ruffles...tons of necklesses, earrings and bracelets...his fingers decorated with gaudy rings and tipped with long, pink nails. On his head, he now had hair...but it was dyed blond with pink highlites, set with bows and barrettes.

"Take yer Benji, big Jonnie! Take yer sweet, lil' Benji an' make 'im yer bitch!"

"That's what I'm doing, you silly boi..." said Jonnie Storm to his bottom-boi. He loved Benji Storm - his sweet, little husband - and his giggly, girly ways. He'd always loved Benji...

Just as Benji loved his big, strong queen. Benji loved many things. Kittens...puppies...80's era Madinna songs...but he loved Jonnie most of all. He was bigger than Jonnie, but that didn't mean he wasn't a giggly, swishy bottom. They were a great couple. Both in the sack, and out in the field. As the crime-fighting heroes "Torchy" and "Sweet Thang", they LOVED beating up evil then making love on top of it. Jonnie and Benji Storm were perfect together.

And speaking of perfection...

"This is such vonderful news, dah-lings..." said the man who now went under the name 'Julia Frieda Koenig-Lohmer' on legal documents. He smiled at the dark, sultry Umar Strange and the blond, vibrant Charlize Xavier, pleased that he'd found others so much like himself. Even their husbands - Master Man, Cyclops and Wong - were getting along well. And as they talked, laughed and loved...they realised that they had so much to give the world. With his fantastic wealth, Umars astounding magic and Charlize mental powers...they could create a new golden age...for themselves.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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