What was the emergency Tony called them for anyways?

by Burke.Rakers
Storyline Transforming the Illuminati
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   (It took me a while to work this one out...but I think it's not too bad)

   But that...had been a week ago. Tony Stark - heavily cybernetic now so he could more easily interface with his armor - had isolated the portion of his brain that had been affected, and sealed it off. He had to act quickly, and without speaking with the others...he fled the room and stepped into his teleporter. After all...he was the only one who had an idea what was going to happen. He'd called the meeting of the Illuminati because he'd had certain information that some foe was going to target them, and as he'd suspected the Psycho-Man...he'd prepared. But...it had been so strong! The nugget of swishing, mincing femininity that roared and bellowed in his head would overwhelm him soon...if he didn't pass it onto another mind.

Thankfully...he'd prepared for this...by picking just the right target. He'd asked his erstwhile 'friend' Captain America to meet him at his New York home, so he'd have a ready vessel for whatever Psycho-Man used against him. Like a computer program, he'd download it into Steve Rogers mind...and watch what happens.

Unfortunatly...he didn't really understand what effect the thing in his head would have.

Didn't understand that the strange, effeminizing urges would latch onto one female image in the persons subconscious mind...and build on that. Making the subject want DESPERATELY to share that image...live it...make that woman his own rolemodel...body and soul...

If it had stayed inside Tony Stark, he'd have found within him the desire to mimic Whitney Frost. To become a new version of her Madame Masque identity. But...unleashed inside Captain America...and after a wait of several hours had sharpened it's hungers...and the effect was particularly fascinating...if also quite unpleasant...

He'd touched Captain America on the back of the head, and felt the strange brew of mental chaos jump into Steves utterly unprepared mind. He screamed and clutched his head in both hands...then dropped into a fetal position and begin whimpering. Amusingly, the poor Captain had a rock-solid boner the whole time.

Tony dragged Steve into a guest bedroom and watched, suprised that there didn't seem to be much in the nature of a physical change. He'd detected the sort of energy that usually presaged such an effect, but...the Captain stayed the Captain. Tony removed his costume and took his shield (just in case), but undressed...he was just the same as even. Granted, his dick was standing at attention, and slowly...Steves hands drifted towards his cock and balls. He moaned "N-no...stop..." under his breath, but his hands worked anyway, slowly...almost roboticly jerking himself off.

"Facinating." Tony said, then tried to contact the rest of the Illuminati. No response. That was worrying.

Durring the next few days, he'd watched the slow, strange changes that seemed to be taking over Captain America. His body was just as manly and muscular as ever, but now his skin was soft, smooth and hairless. His nipples seemed to have swelled to the size of grapes, and the one time Tony had touched them...Steve had moaned and babbled something in...German? His hair had become midnight black and shiny, as well as longer and longer each day. His cock had grown larger and more impressive, the pubic hair now shaped into a neat, dark V. His buttocks had grown thicker, fuller...more prominent. Tony exparemented by stroking Caps new rearend, and Steve had cried out on wanton lust and ejaculated hugely, before he went back to stroking his cock. Tony noticed with some small amusement that Caps fingernails were now long, blood red and sharply pointed. He ran a mantal scan on the good Captain, and found that the chaos that had torn through his brain was settling down now...but into a different pattern. A strange pattern that in some places was very much like the old Captain, and in others...had no relation to Captain America at all.

He looked at Steve Rogers face, and saw his lips were lush, full and red as his nails. His face was still basically his face, but it also had...a sort of...cruelty that he'd never seen in the face of the old Steve. Cruelty...wickedness...wanton sexuality. His lashes were long and full...his cheeks defined and sharp. It was Caps face...but with a very different brain behind it.

Again, Tony nodded, ran some tests, then left the Captain alone again. Maybe tomorrow.

The next morning, Tony woke...only to find himself bound and strapped to his bed. He tried to break free, and even called out "Steve!" without thinking.

"Here I am, mein Liebchen." a dark, smokey voice answered in a sexy German accent. Tony strained to look into the shadows of his darkened room, and saw...oh my goodness. That...is a facinating image.


It was Captain America...but he seemed to be squeezed into what could best be called 'Old School' Dominatrix. A Dominatrix...with some rather blunt Nazi symbolism thrown in for good measure. His long, black hair was bound into a tight braid on the back of his head, and his face...well, just as he'd noticed before, his face was still basicly the same...but now, his full, red lips were set in a cruelly amused snear. He walked/strutted towards him, and though his body was 100% male...his movements were so naturally, sexily female that his male parts seemed like after thoughts. This was a woman...who just happend to be in the body of Captain America.

"C-Cap? Steve, is that you?"

The former Captain America smiled, then grabbed his face in a bone-crushing grip...rd nails digging into his skin. "Nein, herr Stark. I am zat star-spangled fool no longer. No longer der empty, simple flag-waver mit 'Mom' und 'Apple Pie' in his blood. I remember...I remember zis voman. A proud, strong German woman I knew durring ze Vorld Vor. Her name vas 'Julia Frieda Koenig-Lohmer', und ve called her 'Warrior Woman. But der Reich knew her...as der 'Krieger Frau'..."

The Captains eyes grew misty and faraway, as he lit a cigarette and slipped it into a long, black holder. "She vas...zo beautiful...zo brave. Ve alvays defeated her body...but nothing could defeat her spirit. Und now...her spirit...her proud, unconquered spirit...lives here. I haff been zo busy this morning, herr Stark. I haff contacted der Master Man - not a difficult task, when it must be done - und told him to come here. Ah, und here he is...mein wunderbar husband."

Tony Stark watched as Master Man - a Nazi supervillain who had been kept alive in secret sence the war - entered the room and smiled at Captain America. He walked towards him, and they embraced...kissing deeply and with obviously mutual attraction. Steve broke off and said with a chuckle "It vas zimple to hypnotise mein husband...to accept me as his vife. Vasn't it, Wilhelm Lohmer? Vasn't it easy du make you mein loving husband?"

"Ja, Krieger Frau. I understand dat you are mein vife. I luff you, mein Liebchen." he gushed, obviously smitten with the muscular transvestite in leather and jackboots. He went in for another kiss, and Steve kissed back with gusto.

Tony was torn between panic and amusement. He'd never liked Cap much, and it was amusing to see what the implanted mental quirk had done to the man. He couldn't wait till he flaunted the changed Captain America before the Avengers...without betraying his own part in his change. That would show them just who the better hero was. However...he was now a prisoner of the former Captain America...and that was dangerious. So...he did the only thing he could do. He bartered. He told 'Krieger Frau' that his changes would only be temporary unless he - Tony Stark - was allowed to make them permanent. He told him that he could shut off the old traces of Captain America - imprisoning his deep inside his own mind and allowing the 'Krieger Frau' personality to reign supreme forever.

The evil, vampish drag queen smiled at that, then leaned in and said with a grin "You don't understand, olt friend...I AM herr Steve Rogers right now. Always I vas vorried about vhat must be done to save der country. But now...I understand zat I should live for mein own good. Do just as I vish to do. Be ze evil bitch-boi I alvays vanted do be deep down. I'd vatch der Krieger Frau und dream uf BEING her. Und now...my dreams haff come true. Now...look DEEP into mein eyes, Tony...I haff zum very interesting information du give you...und a fun new personality du implant in place of dat zilly fool Tony Stark..."

Tony tried to fight it, but...Julia was so strong. Julia? Was that his/her name? The person talking was his mistress, he knew that. His big, strong mistress who made all his decisions...ruled his world.

It was facinating to watch as the program leapt from his mind...and into Tony Stark. He watched with a smile as the handsome Tony seemed to shrink...to grow slim and girlish...his hair grew long and though his face was still his own...it was now soft and cute...he signed so many papers at the urging of his wonderful Mistress Julia...signed so many papers...

"Antoinette? Get your zilly bottom in here, boi!"

Antoinette blinked and giggled, his tiny, girlish body squeezed into the fetish-costume 'French Maids' outfit which was all he ever wore. As small and feminine as he was, he was still obviously a male...with his smooth, hairless chest, tiny penis and big, round bottom that he LOVED! Oh, it was such a joy to have the wonderful Krieger Frau take his ass whenever he wanted. He trembled and giggled at the thought.

"Coming, Madame." he lisped in a faux-French accent. He knew he'd once been a big, important man...but Krieger Frau had taken all that from him. He'd signed away every last cent he owned, and never felt bad about it. Life was so simple when you were poor as a church mouse and too shy to speak without Krieger Fraus permission. All he had to do was giggle, look pretty and serve. It was so wonderful! Every night he sucked off Master Man while Krieger Frau fucked his big, sexy bottom and told him what a pretty boy he was. He'd been hypnotised so often that all this seemed so right and proper. So perfect...

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