The Hate Mongerette droids are creating trouble for the Fantastic Three!

by hyperion
Storyline The rebirth of Malice
Previous Chapter She falls into the trap

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Johnny Storm slapped Reed on the back, "Lighten up man, Sue's a big girl, she will be fine." He told his brother-in-law, as the two, along with Ben Grimm walked into the club. "We stopped the fear outbreak, and Sue is helping Pearla in the Microverse"

Ben nodded, "He's right, we did get the message from Sue. We just all need to relax!"

Reed nodded, he sensed something was wrong, but couldn't put his brilliant mind on it all. His head seemed somewhat distracted as of late. As his eyes caught the raven haired beauty in the black dress, his mind again went foggy. It was the effect of these feminine androids. The girl grabbed his hand and kissed his cheek.

"So happy you could join us," she spoke.

The other two female droid began dancing with Johnny and Ben. Each member of the team had an intense erection brought about by the pheremones of the androids. Johnny wasted no time making out with the brunette one, and groping her tight body. Ben was a little more apprehensive in his form, thinking this beauty with green skin could not like him. She made him feel so normal.

Meanwhile, Reed was slowly drinking as the Raven haired woman spoke to him, and crossed her long legs. "You think to much Mister Fantastic!" She smiled. "Come," she beckoned, "let's dance." His thoughts of Sue's ordeal in the Microverse began to fade.


Had he known that Sue was NOT helping Pearla, maybe his thoughts would have remained on her. Sue had been taken to the Microverse by the "Psycho-man". She remained in a daze as they had shrunken down to molecule size.

She found herself in the caslte of the villain. The pair was greeted by a familiar face, one that made Susan red with anger. She could not see Psycho-man hitting the "anger" button the entire time. When Sue saw the smiling face of the Hate-monger droid, the one which had helped corrupt her she seethed in anger.

"I'm glad you returned to us Malice!" He spoke nodding to his master.

"YOU!" Susan lashed out, holding out her arm, and choking the droid around the neck. "You made me into something horrible!" She gritted her teeth, failing to realize that Psycho-man was behind it all from the very beginning.

The android felt its mechanical windpipe crush, sensing it's robot life drain. He eyed Psycho-man, who just laughed. "It seems she has some issues to deal with," he chortled at the dying android. Psycho-man watched as Sue made the android explode in mid-air, happy his corruption was taking hold.

When the deed was finished Sue found herself breathing heavily, a small feeling of satisfaction building in her mind, and travelling to her womanhood. Again, it was Psycho-man who alternated between hitting the "hate" button, and the "lust" button. It would cause her mind to equate the two feelings as one and the same.

Sue stared at him with low eyes, "Why have you brought me here!"

Psycho-man went to his console, "I only wish to have you help me with an uprising, then you may leave!" He said and punched up an image of civilians speaking in the streets below.

"I will not help you!" She grinded her teeth in hatred for the villain, already, a feeling of sexual need crawling over her body with the feeling of hate.

The villain was crafty, and pulled up the image at the right time. The leader of this uprising, one of Pearla's guards, spoke to the crowd. He turned up the volume so Sue could hear the words. "AND I HEAR HIS WHORE IS BACK AT THIS SIDE! THE ONE KNOWN AS MALICE! THE ONE KNOWN AS THE INVISIBLE WOMAN!"

The orange-skinned monster hit the button of "anger" and then the "lust" button. The emotions rippled through Sue as she heard them crowd chant death to Psycho-man and his "whore"!

She crumpled her fist, and several machines were instantly destroyed. "I AM NO ONES WHORE!"

"Then to battle we must go," Psyhco-man laughed, "but I think you must change to something more fitting first!" Several of his henchmen came in with garb that caused Sue to again well up with both anger and hatred, at the same time she felt tingling in her womanhood at the sight of the leather.

An hour later, Psycho-man watched as the leather clad Sue, in full Malice garb, save for the spiked helmet she threw aside, throwing attackers from side to side with ease and a growing eagerness. He just watched, hitting the "anger", "hate", and "lust" buttons alternately. When the battle ended, he returned to his mechanical throne. Sue walked behind him heaving with sweat, and baring her teeth in rage.

She screamed, "RETURN ME HOME AT ONCE!"

Psycho-man hit the "lust" button and held it down. "In time my dear, in time!" He undid his robotic pants, letting his large, bulbous orange cock flop out. Sue's eyes went wide.

"I hate you!" She cried out, falling to her knees. And she did, or so she thought, but the emotions of hate were now so mixed up with sexual lust, she could barely think. Psycho-man pulled her long blonde hair and dragged her to him.

"STAND!" He commanded.

Sue found herself standing on shaking knees.

"We have no need for your clothes!" He leered at her.

All of her ordeal welled inside her. Her hatred for her predicament, and this being filled her to the brim. She closed her eyes and clenched her jaw. Her fists balled. "I HATE YOU!" She lashed out with and explosion. When she opened them, her leather outfit was blasted from her form, she stood naked in front of the villain. She stared down at him. "FUCK YOU!" She muttered.

"Be my guest," he smiled lifting his growing cock to the air.

Susan did the only thing her mind told her to. She walked up to him and straddled him and eased her tight hips down, feeling his cockhead penetrate her pussy. She grabbed his shoulders and clawed his back. She would not make love to this villain. She hated him. She hated him. She told herself. But she knew what that mean. She would fuck him. Needed to fuck him. And hard. She slammed herself down screaming into the throneroom as she impaled herself on his cock. His head went back at the pleasure and the pain of her nails digging into his back. She pushed down hard, until she felt his large orange balls hit her ass, and then pulled up. She repeated the motion over and over, moaning and screaming in exctasy and utter hatred and anger. She felt his balls tighten, and then the hot explosion of his cum entering her unprotected womb. She hated him for cumming inside of her, and it made her all the more hungry for his cock.

"You will return me to my world." She spoke sternly, still feeling his cock pulsate inside her.

Psycho-man was confused, as he was sure his villainy had worked. "You wish to leave so soon and return to the surface world to your life?"

Sue shook her head, "I wish to DESTROY THE SURFACE WORLD!" She began to move her hips onto the cock again, feeling it come to life inside her with her words.


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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