Another Audition

by Megumi
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man
Category Transformation
Previous Chapter Someone finds the snoozing Tigra

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M-Jay needed to wash off the sweat from the dance routine.  She decided to continue watching television from her five seater Jacuzzi.  It took a while to get the temperature and bubble pressure just right.  Then of course she had to fish out a bottle irish cream from the back of the liquor cabinet.  M-Jay immersed herself completely under the water.  Next she poked her head out and leaned back.  Her black nipples rose just over the waterline, growing hard and erect from the sudden change in temperature.

Just as she had gotten comfortable, the phone rang.  M-Jay lifted the waterproof receiver to be greeted with her obnoxious agent’s shrill voice.  “M-Jay, honey, doll, baby...”

M-Jay reached to hang up the phone.  “Wait,” the agent screamed.  “Honey I got great news.  Remember that thing we talked about.”

M-Jay thought for a moment, wondering which reality the thing even belonged to.

“You know the thing.”

Recollection struck her.  “Oh yeah, that thing.”

“That’s right.”

“I don’t even want to do that thing!”

“What do you mean you don’t wan’t to do it?  It’s the thing.”

“It’s not my thing.”

“C’mon.  Remember I explained how this would expose you to new demographics.”

“I got enough middle aged white guys in my demographic.”

“What?... No babe, this gig will expand your popularity with young girls.”

“I sing gritty rap songs.  They’re not meant for young girls.”

“Listen honey, I already told the producer you would try out.”

“I have to try out now.  Are you telling me a singer with three grammies might not be good enough for a preschoolers cartoon.”

“Well this is different. You see this character already has a voice actress.  The producer decided to have characters sing more in the third season, but the regular girl doesn’t sing very well.  That’s why you have to match her voice.”

“Uh huh. Which means I don’t even get to sing my way, I have to do an impression of a girl with a worse voice than my own.”  M-Jay was getting more furious by the minute.  “Remind me why you’re still my agent.”  Mary Jane was lucky to have Arnie as an agent, but M-Jay was far out of her league.  If MJ had kept a stronger awareness of her former self she would be wondering right now why she didn’t change agents along with the rest of reality.

Arnie sighed.  “Okay,” he said, “You don’t want to do it that’s fine,” the word fine seemed to pass through gritted teeth.  “Could you just do one thing for me anyway?  Please.  See I want to keep good business relations with the producers.  Could you just sing a few lines over the phone.  I’ll make up some excuse later to get you out of the job.”


“Please M-Jay.  Just a few lines, for your old pal Arnie.”

Arnie was a hard working agent.  He comes off as a bit of a hollywood phony, and has lousy taste in projects, but he was loyal, and that’s rare in the music industry. 

“Fine,”  M-Jay answered.

As Arnie tried to remember how to transfer the calls, M-Jay closed her eyes and tried to remember the few lines of a script she had only skimmed through and not truely even read.  She braced herself, figuring whould just sing the lines as soon as the producer came onto the phone.  There was a click on the phoneline.

Fluttershy pal, this won’t cut it.
I need a pet to keep up with me.
Something awesome.  Somethig flying.
With coolness that defies gravity.

The director praised her.  She told her that the line was perfect.  MJ tried to act nonchalant.  “Yeah well that’s me y’know.”

when the call was complete she checked to make sure nobody was looking, then she let out a loud squee.  “I got the part!  I got the part!”

MJ jumped out of her little bathtub and shook herself off doggy style, not worrying about the mess she made.  What was she taking a bath for anyway?  It was the middle of the day.

MJ clomped across her and Peters modest apartment.  It was small but it was right on the top floor.  They both had easy access to the sky, heck they practically lived in is the sky.  

MJ stretched like a cat except she spread out her muscular wings as she did.  Passing by a full length mirror she took a moment to admire her cutie mark.  It showed rainbow descending from a cloud, something she actually thought was badass.  

Feeling limber from the shower, MJ lept through the skylight and flew across the city.  While out she broke up a few storm clouds and did maneuvers around narrowly spaced building.

Satisfied she made her way home, only to see Peter entering the same skylight she had left.

spider-man turned, just in time so she could tackle him from in front instead of behind.

“Hey Pete, guess what.  I totally nailed the audition.”

“Yeah, the producer says it’s like I am Rainbow Dash, Only 20% cooler.”  She’d exaggerated that last part.

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