Dr. Strange is transformed

by Anzaleth
Storyline TG universe
Characters Dr. Strange
Category Marvel Corruption Transformation Mind Control
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Dr. Strange's eyes were closed as he hovered in his scrying room, his eyes closed in meditation as in front of him floated the Orb of Agamotto.

He reached out with his soul, trying to figure out what was happening with the strange magic that was rippling across the world, trying to battle the dark forces as Earth's sorcerer supreme was supposed to.

Battle... always battle....

That's what his magic was for, to battle and battle and battle. And what did he have to show for it? So much suffering and heart-ache.

Suddenly he had a vision, of a sign in front of his home: "Madame Stephana Strange, fortune-telling, talismans, and charms," a tawdry  flurouscent sign with his Eye of Agamotto and some pseudo-mystical images.

And a busty, plump woman bustling around her shop, one with large hoop earrings, graying black hair, a gypsy scarf, and so many bangles and jewellery -- and a dress that reminded Dr. Strange of his own outfit, though the woman's huge breasts looked about to fall out of it. Some showy, trashy, middle-aged gypsy fortune-teller speaking with a thick Eastern European accent.

"Hello, velcome to Madame Stezana Strange. I tell you fortune an' maybe a leetle more than zat, hey?"

She leaned forward, almost shoving her tits in his face.

Stephen Strange couldn't look away from the image.

* * *

"Ohhh fuck!" Avalanche moaned as he gripped the head of the young Hispanic gay-boi bobbing-up and down between his legs.

Dazzler purred around Avalanche's shaft and ground his ass against Blob's huge shaft. Sure Blob wasn't the sexiest guy around, but he was big and he was HUNG, and that was what mattered to Dazzler.

Though most of Madame X's "gurls" remembered their former lives, Alejandro didn't. As far as he was concerned, he had always been a cute South American boy who'd been kicked-out by his religious family when they discovered he was gay, and so he went up to American to be "beeg music star."

Spent a lot of time as a boy whore to pay his way -- Alejandro wasn't so smart and totally at the mercy of any forceful, charismatic guy, especially one with a big dick.

But now he was in America, going to be the glamorous "beeg music star, jus' like Madonna an' Lady Gaga." That was what he wanted, that and getting lots of studly guy admirers. Some of the other gurls called him a slut or whore. But Dazzler just really loved to suck and fuck!

"Godddd!" Avalanche and Blob roared as they came like they never did before, filling the insatiable drag princess with their yummy jism.

"Viva America!" Dazzler squealed.

* * *

By total coincidence, May Parker was walking past Dr. Strange's house, doing some shopping when the magic started to affect her.

She hiccuped and rubbed her head. She was feeling really strange.

Peter Parker's aunt stumbled into the nearest washroom and tried to get her bearings.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She seemed to look fine. In fact, she looked better than fine.

May smiled. She'd never noticed it before, but she looked good. Really good. Heck, she didn't look a day over 50, maybe even early 40s.

She posed in front of the mirror, her bosom -- was it really this large? -- heaving up and down. Yeah, a sexy, mature woman. What were they called? A cougar?

May Parker purred.

The sort of woman who could teach a cute young boy a thing or two. And certainly they needed to be looked after. They could get into all sorts of trouble on their own. Like Peter, dear sweet Peter.

May Parker sighed.

She loved her nephew, but she worried about him a lot too. He was so sensitive and delicate, could get himself into all sorts of trouble, especially now that he wasn't living at home and she couldn't keep an eye on him.

And his job! My word! Taking all those dangerous pictures for the Bugle, getting mixed-up with those horrible people like that brute Spider-Man! No, May didn't want Peter mixed-up in a crowed like that. At least he had that nice, gentlemanly Mr. Jameson to keep an eye on him, but Mr. Jameson couldn't keep an eye on all that time. It left Peter vulnerable to vigilante-types and gangs and loose women.

He needed a different job, a safer one, a job more appropriate for such a sweet, sensitive, adorable boy. Good thing he had his Aunt May to look after him! Gosh, Peter couldn't do anything without her!

May smiled as she imagined Peter all dolled-up and pretty, in a glamorous dress and make-up, on the arm of some gentleman.

Wouldn't that be charming! Her nephew as the pretty girly-boy escort for some nice man at some restaurant or party. Like that nice Mr. Jameson or that sophisticated Mr. Fisk, who's company ships all those lovely spices, or of course dear gentlemanly Dr. Octavious.  And then of course dear Mr. Osborn.

May cooed and her hand slid up her skirt as she imagined her son entertaining Mr. Norman Osborn at a restaurant while she had some quality time educating cute little Harry Osborn on how to entertain a real woman.

Harry Osborn... Flash Thompson..... So many lovely, studly boys could do with some time with a woman like her. They weren't like Peter, not as sensitive or feminine -- more the manly man types. The ones who could go all night long if they found the woman who could give them what they wanted.

May cooed again, and a moment later she left the bathroom a changed woman, determined to set Peter on the right path.

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