Rogue battles the Avengers

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers X-Men
Category Marvel Corruption Growth Pregnancy Transformation Female Dom
Previous Chapter Aunt May loses herself

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Arriving back into the city the Avengers cringed at the devastation  almost nothing was left except for ruins and battered sky scrappers, entire blocks were striped of plant and animal life but the most noticeable thing they could see was a heap of stone and metal swarming with hundreds if not thousands of abominations at the heart of the metropolis.

As soon as the Quinn jet landed the group of abominations stepped out. Tigra and her pack jumped out, sniffing the air and poised to fight anything heading their way. Spider Woman swung up to the face of a nearby skyscraper  her children all clinging onto her like she were a mother possum. Up ahead Wasp and her swarm guarded the jet as the rest of the team stepped out and made plans to control the area.

"Well I've got good news." Called out Ant Man after leaving the ship, he had just gotten off the intercom with Iron Man. "The Professor has a plan to help, but we've got to keep the abominated populace all corralled here in the city for it to work properly."

"Tsk... A few sane abominations against a horde of what? Thousands?!" Scoffed Black Widow, flipping her hair back as she and her children looked all around them. The ruined city sent a thrill up her spine but she kept herself in check, she wasn't like any of those drooling monsters out there, the fact that she was in control of herself gave her a sense of superiority over those who became feral or worse.

"EVERYONE LOOK OUT! We've got incoming!" Called out Wasp, just as a green shape slammed down from the ground with the force of a cannon ball. Looking up from the blast the Avengers were surprised to find a single heavily pregnant abomination smiling up at them. "Knew that scent from anywhere... Miss Marvel! Gonna drain you like a sponge and THIS TIME YOU DON'T WAKE UP!"

Roaring as she barreled towards the stunned blonde abomination, her children stood between their mother and this monster before them. Rogue had decided to find her old victim and take in everything she had, becoming unstoppable.

"Oh look everyone, Jubilee and Shadowcat have returned to us." Called the White Queen to the horde of abominations. In front of the matriarch stood two abominations, with Colossus and Wolverine held in chains. "And you brought gifts, for us?"

Yanking at the chains around Logan's neck, Jubilee forced the man to his knees, smirking as he choked from the force. "Yes my Queen, unlike the puny humans outside THESE are sturdy, they won't break so easily."

"Hmmm... I will have to take your word for it child." Husked Emma rubbing her belly to sooth the storm of activity within. "One can only wonder what a clutch he would give me." Turning around and waddling back to her sister at their shared throne, she bumped her broad hip against Storm's playfully as she sat next to her, both sharing knowing looks. "I look forward to an evening with them, for now put them in the pens, I hunger..."

Tugging their prizes away from the two massive females as they began eating offerings from their horde, Jubilee and Shadowcat moved away with the two X-Men until they were out of sight and hearing from the main chamber. Some of the male abominations leered anxiously at Jubilee and Kitty, before one of them got a sharp spray of Jubilee's fireworks to turn them away. Finally reaching the pens both abominations shoved their prey inside and locked the gates behind them to be left alone.

"Cough... Did you have to yank so hard?" Wheezed Logan as he rubbed his neck, already healing from the strain. He suddenly found a strong pair of arms wrap around him, followed by a pair of breasts cleaving over his shoulders and around his head. "Awww sorry love, had to give them a show to let them think we were still like them." Pouted Jubilee licking his face and hair affectionately.

"Well we're in, whats the next part of the plan?"

The Avengers had their hands full dealing with the rampaging Rogue, hell bent on absorbing everything Carol Danvers was so she could become the most powerful abomination in the horde. The group stood back, afraid of adding more to the mutant's powers,  Carol's children were unconscious  each drained of their energy and powers, all of which now belonged to the red haired monster woman trading blows with Miss Marvel.

Rogue was immense!

Each victim merely added to her bulk, her muscles swollen to nearly twice their size while she stood two feet taller than the blonde Avenger she was fighting in mid-air. "Give it up Danversss... Ya'll are mine now!"

"Bullshit Rogue! Last I checked you had to take me from behind to steal my powers!" Blocking each slash of the mutant's attacks, Danvers came up with a plan to stop her. "Guess that's what I should expect from such a weakling like you Rogue."

Roaring in blind rage Rogue threw herself at Miss Marvel, only for Carol to dive straight down with the red head following behind her, she could tell Rogue was about to pop, all she had to do was prolong the fight until she'd go into labor  "Big dumb WEAK Rogue, can't even take down widdle ol' me, is that why they sent you first?"


Slamming into the woman and causing a quake as the two struck the pavement, Carol could barely move as Rogue had her by the throat, leeching her energy like she did her progeny. "MINE NOW, ALL MINE!" Miss Marvel was beginning to fade out, all her strength being drained from her and making the mutant woman bigger and stronger before her.

Then something happened.

Dropping the limp woman and staggering back, Rogue groaned as she was awash with intense pain. "Wha-whats happening? Hurts... So...."

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