The X-Abominations continue to expand

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Emma Frost Storm Rogue Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson
Category Marvel Growth Corruption M/F Female Dom Pregnancy
Previous Chapter MJ has her way with Spider-Man, becoming pregnant in the process.

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The horde of Abominations gathered around the ruins of the city, smashing the nearby buildings and cars into a make-shift fortress, almost everything had been consumed or destroyed, leaving a battered husk of a city with some stray buildings left standing in the back ground. At the very center of the fortress sat many of the female abominations, swollen and growing with children, but the largest were the three X-Women turned monsters, the true leaders of the horde.

The White Queen, Storm and Rogue had grown immense, as their rapid pregnancy made them grow larger by the minute. None of the other females came close to their size or power  the transformation altering or out right amplifying their already formidable mutant powers.

Emma swooned as she lounged on her side, her claws rubbing circles around the dome of her belly, feeling the dozens of kicks that met her talons. She could feel every life growing inside of her and she basked in the power of being so fertile. The prim and proper Emma Frost was gone, in her place was a savage female abomination consumed by her hunger and lusts, lifting her claw upward she tweaked one of her nipples. Her breasts had tripled in size and girth, swollen to the point of leaking with mother's milk for her brood. She moaned loudly as a stream of milk squirted out of her thumb sized nipple, she could not wait to bear her brood and start it all over again.

Rogue  was busy devouring a bounty of food, offered to her by a group of males who had returned after scavenging the ruined city in her name, completely oblivious to them she gorged on the offered spoils, gritting her teeth as her hips grew wider, her belly swelling larger with every gulp. As one of them came close to touch her she suddenly snatch his claw and began draining him. "MINE!" Snarled the red haired she abomination as she grew larger still and her prey began to wither and shrink, collapsing in a heap in front of her as she continued to eat.

Storm had become the most consumed by her new state, she arched her back, twisting her hips as her latest lover thrust deep inside of her, her cries of passion echoing out over the walls as she demanded more and more. Out of the three X-Women she was the largest by far with Rogue catching up quickly, Her black scales contrasted with the mane of white hair that fell from her back. Moaning after an explosive orgasm, her tongue slithered over her tusks, her claws tweaked her pump nipples as her mate pulled out of her. Her belly was massive and round, nearly as large as she was, as dozens of bumps marred its surface from the many unborn kicking within her.

Seeing a shadow pass overhead followed by the wake of a jet engine the powerful abomination growled as she recognized the Quinn jet fly by to land in her domain. If they were looking for a fight she would give them one!


Walking up the stairs with some difficulty May Parker stopped as she tried to recollect her thoughts. It took everything she had to keep herself together after she coughed on that green gas that blew by her outside on her way to the grocery mart, but after her heart began beating like a drum and the power began flowing into her limbs she nearly lost herself to the transformation. Now well over 10 feet tall and more powerful that a herd of horses, she rubbed her clawed fingers over the bridge of her nose as another bout of arousal hit her. She hadn't felt this way since she was a teenager, and even then this was ten times worse, she'd swear if there was a man big enough nearby she would screw him then and there.

"P-Peter... Have to find Peter, make sure he's safe..." Finding more focus in her green glowing eyes the nearly naked woman trudged back up the stairs, stopping when she heard a pained cry from her nephew's apartment. Like a runaway train she stormed up the stairs, shoving everything out of her way before bulldozing her way through his front door and into the ruins of his loft apartment.

There in the remains of his bedroom another monster woman with red hair was riding her nephew for everything he had, bouncing on top of his cock with wild abandon as she wailed and cried out louder and louder. With an ear shattering scream she came and came hard, shattering the windows as she slumped down next to the prone and bruised Peter Parker on the bed mattress.

"Peter? MJ?" Asked the tall statuesque creature as the two stared back in surprise.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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