Peter searches for Kitty alone, trying to convince her to join them. "We can be together, Kitten."

by mercury01
Storyline TG universe
Characters X-Men Avengers
Category Mind Control Body Modification Gender Switch
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Mystique laughed and clapped as each of the prancing sissy-boix that the X-Men were transformed into minced their way across the stage in an encore. Charlie strode out onto the stage in front of the line and held a microphone.

"Our lovely 'girls' will mingle among the audience for the next hour or so," Charlie tittered. "I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as they'll enjoy you!" The pudgy princess winked at the house as he strolled up and down the line, brushing his feather boa against each queen's throbbing package. "Well, go on, girls. I'd tell you to start your engines, but you're two steps ahead of me."

The drag queens sashayed off the stage and into the audience area, swaying their hips in an exaggeration of femininity. 

Peter "Priscilla" Rasputin tottered among the crowd, smiling for photos, letting his muscled, heart-shaped ass be pinched and fondled. He was easily the most sophisticated and refined of the burlesque troupe, and consequently, he was quite popular.

He scanned the room. He saw Mistress Nightcrawler with Mystique, and the two were getting to know each other as mother and "daughter". Little Lulu Bunny was shying behind his blue-furred friend away from Sabretooth's leers and gestures. Charlie was perched in his half-brother's lap, running his pudgy hands up and down Cain's chest. Erica was seated with his old teammates, and... there!

"Excuse me, darlings," Priscilla begged his fans in a lisping Russian accent, gently pushing out of their midst. "I must go visit the little girls' room." Limp-wristed, he trotted around the tables and pushed his way into the ladies' bathroom. He heard whispers in a stall and crept closer.

"Hello? Rogue? No, it's Kitty! Listen, I'm at-- what? Yeah, this is definitely a--"


"Shit!" Kitty cursed and Priscilla heard a splash. The statuesque drag queen opened the stall and saw Kitty Pryde reaching into the bowl for her communicator.

"Katya, darling, it is you!"


"Sammy? Where you at, big poppa? Yo, hello?" Big Mamma tapped the cellphone with a square-tipped nail. No bars. "Fuckin' chinese piece'a shit phone. Can't get no reception out heah." She stuffed the phone back in her purse and adjusted her tube top. The ebony whore pondered heading back into the cabin and sucking a ride out of those boys, but they'd been sucked dry of both money and semen.

She popped an altoid into her mouth and slurped at it thoughtfully as she started to walk down the dirt road, working the mint over her tongue to combat her sperm-breath. Her reverie was interrupted when she heard a whirling sound overhead. 

She looked up and cursed loudly as a bright spotlight snapped on. The air picked up, whipping at her afro and skirt as the vehicle landed.

An athletic figure in a black leather suit with a gleaming metal arm sprung from the cab of the helicopter.

"Cap? Cap!" Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier rushed towards the hero-turned-whore. Big Mamma fumbled with her purse, searching for her can of mace.

"Stay da fuck away from me, ya narc!" she shouted. "I earned dis cash! Ya can't prove nothin'!"

"Relax, I'm not here to arrest you," Bucky said as he grabbed her arms. "I'm Bucky Barnes. I'm a friend! You remember me, right?"

"Fuck you! Hands off de merchandise!" Big Mamma struggled in Bucky's grip. Bucky grunted as he wrestled the overweight black woman. He'd been contacted briefly by Doctor Strange about a mystical distortion of reality that was flaring up, causing ripples across the astral spectrum and sucking in super-powered beings like cattle in a tornado. He told Bucky to find Captain America while he tried to force the distortion back to its source. He warned Bucky that Steve would have been affected heavily already and may not recognize him at first. Bucky met up with his old flame Natasha Romanova, a.k.a. the Black Widow, and they went on the hunt for Cap. Now they found him, and Bucky wasn't sure what to do.

Natasha hopped out of the copter. "James, what is going on? Is that Captain America?"

"I think so," Bucky grunted, trying to keep Big Mamma from hurting herself. "Something happened to him and now he's... like this."


Erzulie Freda smiled and snapped her fingers. Immediately Clara Morris began to moan as her body transformed.

"I hope you don't mind, dear," Erzulie Freda said casually. "But I am a jealous goddess. You, your husband and your lovely boi may make love to me, but only as men to a woman."

Clara gasped as she felt a strangely familiar presence in her bloomers: a thick, throbbing, masculine cock and fat, egg-sized testicles that were at odds with her feminine figure. She held Robert's hand as sweat beaded on her brow.

"If you are worried, no it's not permanent," Erzulie Freda explained. "Although you may wish it was later. Wanda, my child, give us a few moments in the parlor to get acquainted while you take care of your 'little problem.' Then we can bring down the Lady Sif to join us."

The Scarlet Mambo bowed,feeling a touch of envy as her goddess led the Morris family into the privacy of the parlor. She turned her mind back to her task: neutralizing Doctor Strange!

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