Captain America fucks Moonstone

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F F/F Growth Transformation Pregnancy
Previous Chapter Moonstone refuses and breaks under the arousal.

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"Grrrrr COME ON Moonstone, beg me to cum in you!" Snarled Captain America as he slammed into the blonde abomination, all he got from her were passionate moans and cries of lust as he slammed his massive cock into her womanly folds again and again. Just as he was about to cum himself he pulled out at the last second, spraying the walls again with his green boiling hot cum before spearing back into her.

"Nooooo...." Moaned Karla, her chance at being impregnated robbed again by the obvious alpha of the horde of abominations who had captured her. "Please... Cum in me, I'll... I'll do it I'll show you where to find the Leader JUST KNOCK ME UP!!!"

Bellowing out a feral roar that stunned the others, Cap came hard into her, pumping load after load of his seed into her womb and making her cry out in exstacy as she felt her belly swell from the amount. Pulling out and sitting to the side Steve panted recovering his strength as Moonstone quickly moved to clean him off with her tongue, lovingly craddling his balls as she traced her tongue up his shaft.

They were getting worse, and he knew it.

When this all started they were still themselves even after they became massive, powerful abominations but now they were starting to act like the monsters they had become. Black Panther was licking his talons like a jungle cat after fucking Black Widow for half an hour. Spider Woman had perched herself on the ceiling of the Quinn jet, rubbing her expanding middle with her six claws after taking what she needed from Hawkeye.

Even Ms Marvel had changed, pressing up against Moonstone's side competing for his attention as they both licked his crotch clean. "Come on Steve, me next, I'm more fertile then this big green bimbo." Husked Carol as she wrapped his shaft around her massive breasts and licked his erection back into hardness. Gasping as she was pulled back her tits were replaced with Karla's as the woman tried to do better. "No, fuck ME again, I'll give you more than this bitch ever could."

Looking down angrily at the two female abominations crowding his lap he snarled down at them. "Grrrrrr... Learn to share you two! Or NONE of you gets any from me!" Looking at each other briefly the two women smiled as they began to share his cock, licking every inch of it as they made out in front of him. "That's .... Mmmm Better..."


"Aaargh! Its time!" Cried out Tigra just as her water broke, the drone plowing into her pulled out just as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Raking her claws on the floor she grit her fangs and began to push. Janet smiled impishly as she stood on her hands and feet while her children bred her, she eagerly accepted their cum and knew that already she was very pregnant, her belly slowly growing heavier as it was filled again by her latest lover spearing into her pussy from behind. The sounds of Greer's painful labour making her hot as she coaxed her drone to fuck harder.

"Hnnngg, so big... Aaaah, yes!" Pushing with all her might, the first of her litter crowned at her pussy before being forced out of her completely, crying as it gasped for air and flailing about between her legs. For the next half hour she continued to give birth to more of her litter, Janet's drones picking up each one and bringing them up for her to see before she snatched them up and cleaned them with her tongue. With the last of her litter born she now had half a dozen large kittens nursing at her six massive breasts, her tail flicking idly as she beamed with pride.

Looking down Greer was amazed as her body healed rapidly, her deflated belly shrinking back into firm abs while her tits swelled up with even more milk to feed her first pack of tiger abominations. Purring deeply as her litter drank her milk she smiled as Wasp stood up and admired her friend's children.

"Oooh they look so adorable Greer, you must be proud."

"VERY!" Growled Tigra with a shared laugh with the insect woman, she noticed that Janet looked pregnant already, her trim figure giving way to a growing belly and swelling hips and breasts. "My first pack, first of many I plan to sir." Biting her lip as one of her cubs pulled her thick nipple with newly formed teeth, she stretched low and licked its head lovingly like a cat just as she fell back limp with pleasure.

"Thats right Greer, let go, be the Tigriss your named after."

Feeling up her belly Janet couldn't wait to see how large her next litter would be, to know that her hive would expand again made her hot and moist but her daydreaming was cut short as she and Tigra heard the Quinn jet return from the city.

"Looks like the gang's back Greer, lets see if Tony's OK."


The Quinn Jet landed in the hanger bay with a heavy thud as the door bays opened to let the Avengers out. Ant Man was the first to step out and found Wasp and Greer waiting for them, more surprising was that Wasp looked smaller than when he saw her last and Greer had six baby cat-like abominations playing at her feet, both women wore a make-shift bikini out of bedsheets with Greer having difficulty with her 6 plump mammaries trying to slip out.

Janet flew up and wrapped her powerful arms around her husband and kissed him, hard. Her tongue swirling around in his mouth before pulling back and letting the others to come out. "Welcome back Hank, is Tony alright? What about the Thunderbolts?"

"The Thunderbolts are dead thanks to SHIELD but now more than half the city is comprimised with the spore infection, they're going to have their hands full soon." Gasping as she brought her claws to her mouth in shock she looked over her husband's shoulder to find the others piling out. "Where's Iron Man?"

"He's OK, Thor brought him to the SHIELD heli-carrier to get aid and repairs." Smiling at the news Janet turned to an equally please Greer. "Guess that means there's no point in wearing these anymore." Tearing off their bikinis and then EATING them, both abominated Avenger women stretched as they stood nude before the others, causing some of the male members of the Avengers to stare lustfully at their curvy, powerful bodies.

"We also have a new member thats agreed to help us find the cause of all this, turns out the Leader is behind Emil Blonsky's... Modifications."

Stomping out of the jet Captain America had Carol and Karla on either side of him, both with their claws wrapped around his cock possessively while nuzzling his broad shoulders and arms. "Moonstone has agreed to join us as an Avenger so we can fight the Leader, she'll tell us where to find him... Isn't that right?"

"Mmmm.... Anything you want my mate." Husked Moonstone as she licked the monster man's ear, the spikes on his arms and back twitching from the sensation.

"I hope Tony and Thor are OK."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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