Someone else stumbles upon the mansion

by Anzaleth
Storyline TG universe
Characters Captain America Mockingbird Scarlet Witch She-Hulk
Category Marvel Corruption Futanari/Hermaphrodite Gender Switch Mind Control Transformation
Previous Chapter Clara Barton and Mammy America stumble onto her doorstep

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She-Hulk snarled as she smashed a tree out of the way. She'd been pushing through this swamp for such a long time and was totally sick of it.

Then she noticed a light and eventually claimed to the mansion.

She-Hulk narrowed her eyes. It certainly bore investigating.

* * *

"Here yo' san'wiches, Massah Morris. I -- eeeep!"

"Thank you, Mammy," Robert said as he took a sandwich in one hand and squeezed Mammy America's huge black pillow of an ass with the other.

Clara was off powdering her nose and Robert was getting horny looking at that plump negress shake her ass and tits all over the place. Ever since the former Mockingbird had found himself equipped with a large throbbing cock and cum-churning balls, he'd wanted to fuck anything that moved. Clara was, he knew, too prim-and-proper for some the stuff he wanted done with his meat, but he was sure Mammy would know better than to deny "Massah" anything. Besides, the idea of making the former Captain American squeal like a rutting sow was so deliciously perverted.

"Fine cigar?" Wanda asked, handing the case to Robert as she took one herself. "Now, Robert, may ah call you Robert, let's talk a spell. Ah reckon if we put our ol' heads together like, we can come up with something for them other Avengers."

"All right, Miss Laveau. Mammy, you waddle off now."

"Eeep! Yes, Massah Morris!"

A well-timed spank from the soldier send Mammy waddling out the door. Massah was such a brute! A savage brute!

* * *

She-Hulk clambered through an open window and moves carefully through the room. As she did, her features change. Though her skin remained green, her features shifted to becoming more negroid: larger nose, wider lips, kinkier hair.... And though her body remained clearly female, a large bulge started to appear between her legs. She didn't notice. She just continued to search.

* * *

Mammy sighed as she sat in the kitchen. Her head was all a whirl. She was so humiliated and so afraid and so horny and so strange and so all sorts of things.

She knew she used to be Captain America, though that seemed so different from who she was now, and she knew she needed to do something, but she was terrified about disobeying Massah and Mistress.

God, obeying them made her so horny.

She glanced at a large cucumber on the table and bit her lip, imagining what it would feel like thrust up her big ol' black snatch.

"Who you?"

Mammy squeaked and turned to look at a tall half-black figure whose black kinky hair was streaked with silver and who wore a silvery dress with a lightening design over virtually nonexistent breasts.

"I's Mammy 'Merica, Miss Morris' house slave," Mammy squeaked before thinking about it.

"Mammy 'Merica! You used to be Cap'n 'Merica?"

"Uh, yeah." Mammy blushed.

"I's -- Wanda says I's Petra Laveau now, but I used tah be Quicksilver."


The willowy mulatto didn't seem to be much like that old hot-headed speedster.

"You a woman now too?" Mammy said.

"Um...." Petra blushed. "Wanda say I's her beautiful boi-belle."

That's when Mammy noticed the dress' crotch-bulge.

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