Janet joins-in

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Pregnancy Growth Corruption Female Dom
Previous Chapter Greer succumbs to her urges and fucks Janet's son.

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Tigra was nearly drooling as Janet's drone speared into her roughly, grinding his hips as he slammed into her again and again. "Moaaaarrrrr... Yes! This is what I wanted, fuck me you bug-eyed prick!" Thrusting with wild abandon the drone plowed into her crowded womb, all the while Tigra lolled her head, tweaking her squirting breasts and wrapping her powerful legs around her current lover.

With a final grunt the male creature reared back and came hard, pumping cum into her already crowded womb. Yet he still wasn't finished as he turned her around onto her claws and feet and mounted her from behind, starting all over again to the Tiger Abomination's delight.

Wasp herself moaned with pride as she watched her drone satisfy her best friend, her claws flicking over her erect dripping nipples. Hearing Greer cry out from another orgasm she twisted her hips, fantasizing herself being drilled with as much enthusiasm. "Why not...?"

Calling over the rest of her swarm with a whistle they all flocked down to her feet loyally and without question.

Appraising her drones with a hungry eye she licked her lips as she made her choice, pushing him down, straddled his waist, and skewering herself on his solid cock and riding him like a bucking bronco for all he was worth. Hearing Tigra mewl out another orgasm Wasp made a decision; She may not want to conquer the world but she certainly wanted to fill it with her offspring, she wanted a powerful hive and the only way to do that was to get as pregnant as possible! Once she was done with this stud she'd claim the others, bearing more and more until her hive numbered in the hundreds. And if she bore a daughter in her next litter? "Nnnnngh... Yes! Pump me full or your hot cum, Knock me up!"

It would mean another hive under her rule, imagining dozens of hives spread out over the continent offering her cum and tribute made her collapse over her lover as he flooded her womb. Looking over to Greer, she smiled as the cat abomination was on her side, cradling her massive belly as the drone had her leg over his shoulder, continuing to pump into her as she begged for more.

Grabbing one of her drones by his cock she pulled him towards her while licking her lips. "Your Queen is hungry, feed her." Wrapping her pouting lips around the knob of his cock she sucked him hard, pulling him to the hilt as she milked him for her evening meal.


The Quinn Jet flew towards the secret base the Abominated Avengers called home for now, Thor had stayed behind to send Iron Man to the SHIELD heli-carrier for aid.

But Captain America's real reason for sending him away was really to keep him safe and out of the way. The fight with the Thunderbolts had left the Avengers very... Excitable. Setting the jet to auto pilot Steve stepped into the bay of the vehicle to find Ms Marvel making out with Black Panther while Spider Woman and Black Widow were both sucking off Hawkeye and Ant Man. Carol's children were keeping Moonstone under arm as she rapidly healed from the near mortal wound she suffered down in the city.

Even Steve couldn't ignore the throbbing stiffness at his waist and the powerful need to fuck one of the females in front of him, but he still had more self control than the others. Stomping over to the blonde beauty turned savage monster he gestured for the four young abominations to leave him with Moonstone. "So..." Husked Moonstone, her claws over her head as she shimmied her massive breasts in front of him, making his cock twitch in desire. "Finally decided to mate with me?"

Snorting as he tore off his cloths he pinned her to the wall and lined himself up, pushing deep inside of her and pulling one of her legs around his waist to keep her there. Enjoying his enthusiasm she twisted her hips as he bucked into her again and again.

"If the Leader is behind this then YOU know where he is." Grunted Captain America as he turned her around so that he was mounting her from behind like an animal, her cries of bliss mixing with the others behind them both. "If you agree to join us in defeating him then I'll give you all the kids you want."

Laughing at his proposal she clenched her pussy to bring him to the brink. "And why should I agree? The Leader's Gamma World is the future!"

"Then... I WONT CUM IN YOU!" Roared the monster as he pulled out at the last second and sprayed boiling hot cum at the walls before spearing back into her, slamming like a jackhammer into her pussy. "Argh! If you say no then I leave you like this til we get back!"

Looking over her shoulder in genuine terror Moonstone moaned submissively, trying as hard as she could to try and milk him for what he had but getting nothing from his last load. To be left in this state for an hour or more and not get knocked up was torture for her, she NEEDED to breed or she'd go insane. "What will lit be Moonstone? Join us? or go insane?"

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